On-demand Webinar

The EU Pharmaceutical Legislation Reform At a Glance

Romain Kherrat
Regulatory Solution Consultant LS&H

Unlock insights into the latest EU regulatory reforms and their far-reaching effects on the pharmaceutical market. Our video delves into the ongoing overhaul of EU pharmaceutical legislation, dissecting its pivotal components and industry implications through industry perspective.

Key Questions Explored:

  • Unveiling Key Objectives
  • Understanding the Package Contents
  • How will the new legislation promote innovation?
  • Changes in Regulatory Data Protection: What You Need to Know
  • Enhancing Patient Access: Exploring the Impact of New Rules
  • Speeding Up Authorization: The Evolution of EMA’s Work
  • Addressing Medicine Shortages: How Will the Reform Tackle Them?
  • Decoding the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) “Vouchers” System
  • Combatting Environmental Impact: Strengthening the Fight
  • Access the recorded session now to stay ahead in navigating the dynamic landscape of EU regulations and their implications for global pharmaceutical markets.