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Can research save the seas?

Recent findings from Ocean Science: sustainability concerns add urgency for research

Ross Potter
Senior Data Scientist
Dr. Brodie Pearson
Assistant Professor of physical oceanography
Oregon State University

The health of the Earth – and the fate of the planet’s life — is inextricably linked to the health of its oceans. Ocean plant life supplies much of the air that we breathe and ocean conditions mediate climate change by exchanging thermal energy and gasses with the atmosphere and by maintaining polar ice, which reflects many of the sun’s warming rays back to space.

As climate change becomes an ever more urgent issue, the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI)™ at Clarivate has released a new report that explores research into the health of Earth’s oceans, from the growing threat of microplastics to sustainability of the “Blue Economy.” Using bibliometric data and analyses, Ocean Science: sustainability concerns add urgency identifies existing and emerging research fields across all ocean basins, as well as current opportunities for collaboration.