On-demand Webinar

Building a sustainable global economy: The challenge to higher education

John Ferguson
Globalisation Practice Head
Economist Intelligence Unit
Gali Halevi
Director of Research Analysis, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Ross Potter
Lead Data Scientist, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)

Climate change has a direct impact on the world’s economies. Damage from severe weather is costly and imposes burdens on governmental and corporate budgets. Yet, despite mounting negative impacts, there is a continuing struggle to build a more sustainable global economy. Global supply chains – the backbone of thriving economies — are experiencing uncertainty, buffeted by financial crises, regionalization and geopolitical factors that stand in the way of adopting sustainable, climate-friendly practices.

Through targeted research, teaching and learning, the world’s universities can mitigate these factors and play a key role in driving a global shift to sustainability.

Join us for a fascinating exploration into the outlook for sustainable supply chains, trends and gaps in the sustainability research landscape, and growing needs of business students eager to build careers in the “green economy.”