Beyond searching for case law

Leveraging Darts-ip for risk assessment and business development to make more confident decisions.

Senior Consultant, Litigation Products & Strategy
Darts-ip Specialist
Senior IP Consultant - MENA

The globalization of markets is a well established fact that defines the world people and businesses operate in. Corporations currently sell and license their IP in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. Alongside business initiatives, litigation and legal counseling also follows – every year, the number of IP portfolios involved in multi-jurisdictional litigation rises.

Currently, in order to be competitive, informed, and to provide the best possible service to their customers, law firms need a global view of litigation. With Darts-ip’s IP cases database, the most comprehensive IP litigation database covering 3600+ courts in 140+ countries, IP practitioners can now broaden their horizons to include global litigation data in their practice. From portfolio analysis to M&As, preparing litigation campaigns, or making a comprehensive legal risk assessment, practitioners benefit from a truly global overview of litigation and administrative challenges, ranging from Chile to South Korea, from the US to Thailand.

Law firms and counsels must now have a wider view of litigation to understand who is litigating what and where, so they can most effectively and more confidently deliver their specialized services, be it in terms of technical field or in terms of geographical coverage.

This webinar will be beneficial for law firms and IP counsels.

In this webinar, we will illustrate how you can leverage Darts-ip data for risk assessment and analysis with a key focus on the following topics:

  • Importance of a global case database for an IP professional
  • Leveraging IP case data and insights for risk assessment
  • Supporting business development for law firms
  • Case studies