Best Practices for Avoiding Patent Prosecution Malpractice

Kelly McNulty
Director of IP Admin Services
Clarivate Analytics
Jim Carmichael
Former Administrative Patent Judge and Patent Attorney
Carmichael IP
Malpractice concerns for patent practitioners are on the rise. As patents become more valuable and the intricacies of patent practice only continue to grow, the opportunity for mistakes with severe consequences are escalating. There is no substitute for being prepared, highly organized and having systems and policies in place to deal with a malpractice event.
Multiple redundancies in your docketing function are required by insurance companies for a reason – docketing errors can and do lead to loss of rights and big problems. So too can a lack of internal structure and formalized policies for attorneys and staff to follow.
This webinar will discuss:

  • Having a 21st century docketing system that includes today’s work realities and telecommuting into account, or are you still using Word and a Spreadsheet?
  • Obligations of attorneys and firms to have thorough contingency plans in place to handle emergencies that can arise when least expected.
  • The biggest issues that give rise to malpractice complaints and best practices to prevent issues from escalating.