Applications of natural polymers and synthetic polymers in the oil and gas industry

A closer look at Middle East, North Africa and Russia.

As the world heads towards a sustainable energy future, oil and gas remains a key source alongside a range of renewable energy sources. This makes it more important to reduce environmental damage, as we continue to rely on oil and gas. Cleaner and more fuel-efficient powerplants in transportation and electricity generation are well known solutions.

However, oil companies have also been endeavoring to reduce environmental damage. Natural polymers are one such technology that are helping reduce the environmental damage, right at the oil extraction phase. Being bio-based products, natural polymers are either biodegradable, or can be safely disposed in landfills in ecological balance, without secondary pollution.

This report presents key innovation areas of natural polymers deployed in oil and gas exploration. The innovation areas are organised into natural polymer type, applications in durable components, applications in oil field consumables, and applications in extraction processes. The report also presents a closer look at the innovation trends in the largest oil producing geographies – the Middle East, North Africa, and Russia.

Topics covered:


Global contribution to innovation in polymers in oil and gas exploration


Natural polymers – on the road to sustainable energy technologies


Top global innovators


Trends from Middle East, North Africa, and Russia


Emerging technologies and key innovators in the MENA region


Advantages of using polymers in oil and gas

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