On-demand Webinar

Measuring and maximizing progress against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Tommaso Ciarli
Senior Researcher, Economics of Innovation
UNU-MERIT, United Nations University
Barbara S. Lancho Barrantes
Senior Lecturer, Data Analytics and Data Science
University of Brighton
Ryan Fry
Lead Data Scientist
The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Ann Beynon
Customer Success Manager

Since the United Nations first published the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016, many countries, organizations and institutions have integrated them into their work at varying levels.

However, capturing and reporting on contributions towards the SDGs at scale remains a challenge.

This session explores the progress made in meeting this challenge, and covers:

  • The application of impact measures for SDGs
  • How both institutions and organizations are contributing to the reliability and effectiveness of these measures
  • Reliable tools and solutions that can help you to measure your institution’s contributions