5G and IP: Preparing for the next big disruption

Mika Anttila
Head of Technical Analysis, Patent Business
Paul Carpenter
Ed White
Director, IP Analytics Services

The impact of 5G technology will forever change industry dynamics, both inside and outside of telecommunications. Cars, bridges, buildings, roads, doorbells, fridges, drones, and everything in between—the explosion in the industrial applicability of 5G and the emergence of IP rights have yet to be fully understood and are anticipated to create complex licensing issues and opportunities.

Join us for a dialogue with industry experts from Nokia and QipWorks.

  • The potential impact on 5G across various industries
  • The effect of 5G on patent licensing and why it’s likely to be more complex than 4G
  • Lessons and best practices learned from the 4G licensing model
  • Who will the new licensees be and what should they know