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Make research easier and maximize the value of your subscribed resources with TDNet Discover, a library discovery and content management platform built for the medical sciences library and other special libraries. Save valuable research time by breaking down silos of information through fast, secure, and easy access to all the medical research you need in a single search, using an indexed and integrated library system of over 300 million STEM resources along with customization to add collections such as your internal proprietary content and other medical information databases.

Key Features

Unlike other search solutions and electronic resource management systems, TDNet Discover includes integration with Cortellis, giving users competitive intelligence information and drugs R&D data on the search results page. The TDNet Discover search experience is further enriched with the integration of Web of Science, the world’s most trusted publisher-independent global citation database.

Easily create your customized library portal to consolidate all library’s content onto one research platform and make it easier to serve your users smartly and efficiently. You will have access to comprehensive usage statistics and analytics that help you make better purchasing decisions and ultimately demonstrate the library’s value to your research community.

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