Polymer Indexing Hierarchy

This User Guide provides a hierarchical list for each facet within the Enhanced Polymer Indexing system. Within each facet there are main terms and sub-divisions, synonyms and related terms.

Polymer Indexing Dictionary

This 1000+ page Dictionary provides all the information needed to search for polymer concepts in Derwent World Patents Index from their introduction in 1966 to date. The dictionary includes all the polymer indexing codes – the Enhanced Polymer Indexing, the Key Serials and the original Plasdoc Punch Codes, as well as the Plasdoc Registry Numbers. Each concept also includes extensive scope notes and details on the correspondence between old and new codes.

Polymer Indexing Reference Manual

This Reference Manual contains the Polymer Indexing Code List – an alpha-numeric listing of all the Polymer Indexing codes; the Molecular Formula List – molecular formulae for all Specific Compounds in the Polymer Indexing system; Graphical definitions of the Specific Functionality Terms within the Chemical Aspects.

Polymer Indexing System Description

The System Description details the structure of the Enhanced Polymer Indexing system including autoposting and linking. Examples of creating searches using linking are provided and there are worked examples for all hosts.

Polymer Indexing Thesaurus

The Polymer Indexing Thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of all the main terms, secondary terms and synonyms within the Enhanced Polymer Indexing system. In addition to the terms, their codes and facets, the broader and narrower terms within the hierarchy are listed.

CPI Plasdoc Coding Systems

This document contains details of the hierarchical listing by subject area of all the Plasdoc codes from the time period 1966 – 1994. Also included is a numerical listing of all the Plasdoc Codes, both Punch Codes and Key Serial codes.