DWPITM Manual Codes is a hierarchical indexing system, intended for use as a patent retrieval and analysis tool. The DWPI Manual Codes index the inventive and significant aspects of an invention, plus its commercial applications.

The DWPI Manual Codes are consistently applied by specialist teams at Clarivate, meaning that they can significantly improve the accuracy of searches compared to using word-based searching, and help to ensure that time is not wasted viewing irrelevant search results. Also, the need to search all possible synonyms and spellings of the topic of interest is avoided by the use of a coding system.

The DWPI Manual Code system is divided into technology Sections by letter in the same way as  DWPI Classification. There are more than 27,000  DWPI Manual codes in total, divided broadly as follows:

Sections A-N Chemical Patents Index (CPI), >8,000 codes

Sections P&Q General & Mechanical Patents Index, (GMPI), >3,000 codes

Sections S-X Electrical Patents Index (EPI), >15,000 codes


For more details, see the User Manuals below, or use the Manual Code Lookup tool at the foot of this page

CPI Manual Codes User Guide

Engineering User Guide (EPI and GMPI)


Manual Code Revision

The DWPI Manual Code hierarchies are revised annually in January to accommodate changes in technology, and provide finer subject matter breakdown.
Changes for January 2024 can be viewed through the below link.

Manual Code Revision 2024


Submit Your Suggestions

If you would like to submit a suggestion for possible inclusion in the next DWPI Manual Code Revision, please contact us via email at: scientific.mcrdwpi@clarivate.com

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