See the complete picture with comprehensive global IP case data.

The new Darts-ip powered Litigation Layer in Derwent Innovation provides expanded global patent litigation case data and easy-to-read dashboards to help IP professionals quickly and confidently assess risk before launching a new product, entering a new market, or acquiring a new patent portfolio.

  • More efficient freedom to operate (FTO) decisions.
    With a single search in Derwent Innovation, see which of your FTO results have been litigated in any of the 140+ jurisdictions covered by Darts-ip, and review the relevant details associated with each case in a single case summary dashboard.
  • More informed patent due diligence.
    Identify active patent litigation concerns before you acquire, license or form patent sharing agreements.
  • Smarter R&D investments.
    Understand where litigation activity is concentrated within a particular technology domain before you invest.
  • Deeper competitive insights.
    Determine which assets your competitors value the most based on an in-depth review of their global enforcement activities, the details of which are displayed clearly on the IP case dashboard.