Derwent SequenceBase FAQs

GENESEQ™ and  GENESEQ™ FASTAlert are available via the Derwent SequenceBase Research Portal, in a unified, non-redundant BLAST search environment alongside  USGENE®. To access GENESEQ and GENESEQ FASTAlert, a separate subscription with Derwent is required. Please  contact us  for further details.

USGENE provides the complete archive of all USPTO patent sequence data. As of  February 5, 2015  there are  191 million sequence records in USGENE, captured from  232,000 patents and published applications. The latest statistics are available here.

The  Derwent SequenceBase Research Portal  offers the simplest and most user-friendly access point.

Yes, USGENE is available via STN® International using a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Yes, USGENE is available via the Derwent SequenceBase Research Portal using a fixed fee annual subscription pricing model. Limited short term free trials of USGENE are available upon request via the feedback form.

Yes, please fill out the Contact Form with your details. Someone from our organization will get in touch with you shortly. More information is available here.