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Search, analysis, and reporting tools designed specifically for sequence searching.

Derwent SequenceBase is a web-based technology platform and an essential resource for anyone doing work in biologics searching for sequence information in global patents. Intuitively built to efficiently search and analyze sequences, users can search with confidence with access to the most comprehensive set of patent sequence data.

With Derwent SequenceBase, biological scientists can spend less time searching for sequence data and more time on research and development, and IP professionals can be sure they don’t miss any potential infringements or competitor activities.

  • Search confidently with comprehensive coverage of biologic sequences in patents from around the world: GENESEQ, USGENE, WOGENE and GENBANK
  • Increase the relevancy and focus of search results with filtering tools
  • Quickly analyze references with enriched sequence data annotated to help you find context fast
  • Expedite your search processes by accessing the most comprehensive data sets in a single database
  • Easily share results and collaborate with clients and stakeholders

Derwent’s coverage of biological sequences in patents.


GENESEQ™ is a proprietary database used to easily search and identify biological sequences (DNA, RNA and protein sequences) covered in patents from 56 issuing authorities. Manually annotated to highlight IP context and biological significance, GENESEQ™ allows IP professionals and biologic scientists to spend less time searching and understanding sequence data and easily assess patentability, identify potential infringing patents and track competitor activities.

Find context faster with annotated analysis.

GENESEQ’s expert editorial team provides written summaries that clarify and explain sequence novelty and the actual utility of a given sequence, including:

  • Enhanced patent titles
  • Record detail includes organism name, gene/protein name, sequence modification or other highlighted biologically significant regions of the sequence, and associated disease information
  • Sequence location within the patent document
  • Standardized, full bibliographic data
  • Links to identical records from NCBI and SWISSPROT, Gene Ontology (GO) when provided in the patent
  • 40 biology and life sciences experts supporting the editorial process

Simplify the complexity of biological sequences.

GENESEQ ensures you are seeing the entire patent landscape surrounding the biological sequence under investigation. Manually curated and professionally annotated, it covers all biological sequences patented since 1981 from worldwide patent-issuing authorities – including WO, US, EP, JP, DE, IN, KR, and CN.

Never miss a patent with complete timely coverage.

Uniquely, we go beyond what is available in electronic sequence submissions to bring you all sequences – even “hard-to-find” sequences in figures and tables so that you have the complete picture.

  • Nucleic acid sequences 10 or more bases in length
  • Amino acid sequences 4 or more residues in length
  • All PCR primers and probes of any length

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A trusted resource for life-science intellectual property professionals, providing unrivalled searchable access to all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from the published applications and issued patents of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).   With over 191 million biological sequences from more than 232,000 unique U.S. patents and published patent applications, it contains a wealth of essential sequence information not available anywhere else.  With coverage beginning in 1981, the database is continually growing with hundreds of documents containing biological sequences added twice per week and within 24 hours of patent publication.


Providing comprehensive coverage from international published patent applications containing nucleic acid and protein sequences from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), and the Korean Intellectual Property office (KIPO). Sequence data are available in WOGENE within 24 hours of publication by WIPO.

With over 56 million biological sequences from more than 182,000 unique international published patent applications, it contains a wealth of essential sequence information not available anywhere else.

With coverage beginning in 1979, the database is continually growing with hundreds of documents containing biological sequences added twice per week and within 24 hours of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publication.

Coverage in USGENE and WOGENE includes:

  • Nucleic acid sequences 10 or more bases in length
  • Amino acid sequences 4 or more residues in length
  • All PCR primers and probes of any length
  • Sequence information, including organism name, molecule type, and modifications

Database annotation includes:

  • Patent title
  • Sequence identity number (SEQ ID NO) within the sequence listing
  • Original source organism
  • Standardized bibliographic data


NIH’s genetic sequence database is an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences. GenBank is part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration, which comprises the DNA DataBank of Japan (DDBJ), the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), and GenBank at NCBI.

With over 228 billion nucleotide bases from more than 199 million (on Feb 2017) individual sequences, GenBank provides access within the scientific community to the most up-to-date and wide-ranging DNA sequence information.

Each GenBank entry includes:

  • A concise description of the sequence
  • The scientific name and taxonomy of the source organism
  • Bibliographic references
  • Table of features listing areas of biological significance, such as coding regions and their protein translations, transcription units, repeat regions and sites of mutations or modifications

Patent Search Services

Derwent’s global team of patent research experts execute on sequence search projects with precision, accuracy and thoroughness.  With unlimited access to Derwent SequenceBase, Derwent World Patent Index in Derwent Innovation, as well as other 3rd party databases if needed, our research team has expertise across all technical art areas and uses search methodologies that deliver results you can count on, at a competitive price:

  • Global team with search operations and local support in Europe, US, Japan, China and India.
    • Asian language searching to augment your existing English search capabilities
  • Search specialists have advanced degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry (MS, PhD) and experience as registered patent agents and former patent office examiners
  • Unlimited access to leading databases & tools, including Derwent Innovation, Derwent Chemical Patent Index, Web of Science, STN, GENESEQ, Proquest Dialog and others
  • ISO 27001 security best practices for physical and electronic security to ensure your client’s valuable IP has world class protection while we’re engaged in your project
  • World class customer service and not-to-exceed estimates; no rush fees
  • Flexible and customizable engagement models

For each project, our analysts develop search strategies for target sequences and search type such as patentability, freedom to operate, validity and state- of- the- art search and usually include sequence searching and classification/text searching.

Our team of biotech search specialists have cumulative experience equally 60+ years of patent consulting services to corporations, government, and academia in the field of life sciences, biotechnology and adjacent technologies and has intensive training using Derwent’s proprietary GENESEQ data and SequenceBase platform along with and 3rd party sequence specific tools.

Our expertise enables our search team to provide a holistic picture of relevant IP by conducting patent studies on biologics and other proteins through sequence searching as well as text-based searches.

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