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Derwent SequenceBase is the definitive web-based access point for comprehensive patent sequence searching, featuring streamlined, non-redundant versions of the ground-breaking USGENE®, GENESEQ, and GENESEQ FASTAlert databases.

Pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies, academia and law firms rely on the Derwent SequenceBase portal, as their solution for all their Intellectual Property (IP) sequence searching needs, including patentability, freedom-to-operate, patent infringement, validity, and business intelligence.

Key benefits include:

  • Manual Editorial Annotation:  Plain English descriptions and summaries describing the sequence in the record and it’s relevance to the invention
  • Coverage: Covers every sequence in a patent (including figures and tables), not just those given in an electronic sequence listing i.e. provides additional insight unavailable via public databases
  • Less time spent retrieving comprehensive results
  • Superior quality of results compared to alternative sources
  • The opportunity to search and explore whenever necessary in your work processes

The amount of legal and scientific data recorded in patent sequence datasets has grown exponentially. Scientists and legal professionals carrying out essential IP research are seeking the best and simplest way to discover IP sequence information across disparate resources.

IP specialists use Derwent SequenceBase, the online IP research solution with easy-to-use, readily accessible content set of solutions for data and the technology to manipulate data supporting both chemical (DCPI/DI) and biologic patent activity prominent in the life sciences market.

Clarivate Analytics has acquired
SequenceBase, expanding Derwent’s
sequence search and analysis capabilities.
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Derwent SequenceBase supports IP and life sciences professionals:

Bioinformatics specialists

Molecular biologists

Licensing and business development professionals

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