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Integrate, manipulate and analyze patent data.

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Automate workflows with programmatic access to patent data

Automation is critical for corporations, government agencies and investment managers, who are engaging with data scientists to integrate, manipulate and analyze patent data. While other patent databases tend to be built around traditional, manual workflows, Derwent™ APIs use machine learning and automation to improve efficiency. Our Smart Search server-based service improves accuracy, letting you find the patents most relevant to your search or analysis.

Our customers use Derwent APIs to:

  • Integrate patent data into competitive intelligence solutions
  • Conduct IP trend and technology landscaping
  • Find in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities
  • Identify under-valued entities for acquisition
  • Automate patent search for patent prosecution and prior art clearance
  • Uncover signals for investment strategies
  • Assess the impact of research funding.
To be the preferred chemical company… we need a comprehensive view of the innovation landscape to plan the way forward for our product development and partnering strategy.
Ch’ng Guan How
Ch’ng Guan How

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer
Petronas Chemical Group

Access the most world’s most trusted global patent collection

Access Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), Derwent Patent Citation Index (DPCI), GENESEQ full text, original PDFs, drawings, industry classifications and bibliographic data.

Easily integrate global patent data into dashboards, databases and applications

Content comes in a common XML format. Flexible delivery options, including remote API access.


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