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For more than 50 years Derwent™ has been the most trusted leader in patent research – connecting authoritative research applications, exclusive, curated patent data and expert services to support the commercial success of the world’s most innovative businesses.

Powering chemical innovation

Our solutions, including chemical and sequence patent data and subject matter search specialists, that deliver the required insight to innovate with confidence.

  • Access relevant chemical patents quickly and accurately
  • Gain greater insight with comprehensive, in-depth chemical information that is enriched with expert annotations
  • Evaluate the latest trends and monitor the activity of competitors
Derwent is one of the tools that we use before considering new chemistry. Before we jump in, we want to understand what else is out there and how mature the technology is. This gives us optionality on how we are going to move forward.
Ch’ng Guan How
Ch’ng Guan How

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer,
Petronas Chemical Group

Derwent Solutions for chemical companies

Derwent Innovation

Built by IP experts and data scientists, Derwent Innovation is a market-leading patent research and analytics platform delivering access to globally trusted patents and scientific literature. Our enhanced content, proprietary search and data intelligence technology helps a global community of more than 40,000 innovators and legal professionals find answers to complex questions.

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Derwent Chemical Patent Index

The Chemical Patent Index enables you to conduct targeted searches of chemical patent data in the Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI) – the most comprehensive database of value-added patent documents published in the world.

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GENESEQ™ is a proprietary database used to easily search and identify biological sequences (DNA, RNA and protein sequences) covered in patents from 56 issuing authorities. Manually annotated to highlight IP context and biological significance, GENESEQ™ allows IP professionals and biologic scientists to spend less time searching and understanding sequence data and easily assess patentability, identify potential infringing patents and track competitor activities.

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Patent Search & Analytics Services

Patent Search

Our search team delivers complete, thorough and accurate results to corporations and law firms around the world.  This level of intellectual capital is unrivalled – and is one of the many reasons why customers keep returning to Derwent for search projects that truly matter to their clients.

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Patent Analytics

The Derwent™ patent analytics team combines industry-leading enhanced data and powerful research and analysis tools with extensive industry knowledge and deep IP expertise to distill the essential information into reliable, digestible, decision-ready reports.

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Clarivate Chemistry Research

The race to accelerate the pace of innovation is on across the globe, and chemistry R&D professionals are experiencing more pressure than ever to spend less time reading and more time in the lab.

Clarivate Chemistry Research – a new insight-oriented tool developed in concert with community experts – empowers research chemists to be successful in this new environment of rapid innovation. Unlike traditional patent research platforms or chemistry databases, Clarivate’s new solution combines leading patent content with scientific literature, leveraging in-house IP expertise and cutting-edge AI technology to:

  • automate key R&D research tasks
  • intelligently prioritize result sets
  • provide faster and more accurate answers to critical innovation questions

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