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A big “thank you” to those that took the time to respond to Clarivate’s Customer Delight Survey. We take your feedback seriously and are constantly driving towards actions that will enhance your experience with us. Your input is at the center of our growth strategy and we will continue to act on your feedback, including improving our products and content offerings.

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You asked, we acted

Twice a year, we send out a customer delight survey to understand how we can serve you better. Below are a few new initiatives we’ve launched based on your feedback. Your next opportunity to provide us with feedback through our customer surveys will start on October 11, 2022.

2022 Product Enhancements

In 2022, we invested in our solutions to help our customers accelerate research breakthroughs.

  • Enriched cited references

Conduct targeted searches for background and basis research in the Web of Science and delve into the “why” behind Times Cited counts using algorithmically classified citations that reveal how a paper was cited.

  • Simplified profile management with Web of Science Researcher Profiles

Publons has joined the Web of Science. Gain visibility with less effort—showcase a 360-degree view of your work, get discovered, monitor impact, and find experts with one open, easy-to-maintain profile.

  • Personalized homepage

Pick up where you left off with a personalized homepage in Web of Science that displays recent activity and recommends new content.

  • Panoramic article view

Identify a paper’s contribution to several fields from a single article record view and find related papers faster with one-click searches on specialized indexing terms in Web of Science.

  • Citation Topics in Web of Science

Save time finding the right papers with granular Citation Topics—article-level classifications.

  • Citation analysis among dissertations to show research connections

Researchers can now start their search in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global to focus their research path. They can locate Foundational Research in journals, books, and more, or build an understanding of what has already been produced in the field through Similar Dissertations. Through the bibliographic coupling of shared citations, connections can be made that would never have been possible through only a keyword search.

  • Bringing global scholarship together

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global brings together graduate scholarship from over 60 different countries. By applying English translations for all titles and abstracts, they can be studied more thoroughly as a corpus of knowledge in literature reviews and in text and data mining.

  • Expanding text and data mining possibilities

Already the go-to source for any newspaper and dissertations analysis, TDM Studio has increased that promise by making 30 additional newspapers available in its Data Visualizations. In addition to newspapers, government documents are also being made available through the platform for text and data mining.

  • Retraction alerts

Avoid inadvertently citing retracted papers with retraction alerts available through EndNote’s Cite While You Write feature.

  • DOI Field automation

Modify existing citation styles to present a working, clickable DOI hyperlink to the cited item using RefWorks. DOI field is automatically available in Ref Editor + it can be edited to be a clickable link

In 2022, we invested in our solutions to help our customers gain clarity and make confident decisions about their research enterprise.

  • New Web of Science Starter API

Integrate Web of Science data into your systems more easily.

  • More options to assess impact

Diversify your research performance analyses in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics with the Citations from Patents indicator and self-citation indicators, and easily leverage disambiguated author data in your reporting.

  • New research area schemas and groups

Map your institution’s research to strategic areas of focus using the new SDG and Shanghai GRAS schemas and flexibly benchmark research using custom groups in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics.

  • New ways to explore journal data

Explore a publisher’s or region’s portfolio in Journal Citation Reports with new browse options and quickly dive deeper with links to InCites Benchmarking & Analytics reports.

  • Conferences and Papers Invited search results

Track and Share Options for Conferences and Papers Invited search results page in Pivot-RP. This allows users to select individual conferences, or multiple results to track or share in bulk.

  • Research Professional News U.S. edition

Add Research Professional News U.S. edition to your institutions existing Pivot-RP subscription to help you stay informed about research news, policy, trends and analysis.

In 2022, we invested in our solutions to empower information professionals, students and faculty to achieve their most ambitious goals.

  • Meet faculty and students where they are

Leganto now provides a deeper integration with the learning management system, enabling a seamless experience for faculty and students.

  • Streamlined workflows for purchasing course materials
    Leganto purchasing workflows have been enhanced to display more data in different workflow steps, and to provide flexibility for different purchasing workflow models
  • New Evidence Based Acquisition Model

Grow your ebook collection and improve ROI with Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) in Ebook Central and Rialto. Our EBA program includes innovative tools to monitor your EBA content pool, track your budget spend, and streamline the title selection process—all within one unified workflow.

  • JSTOR DDA Added to Rialto and OASIS Marketplaces

JSTOR’s Demand-Driven Acquisition program (DDA) is now available through Rialto and OASIS to further streamline the library’s acquisition experience. Provide patrons with a broad range of JSTOR ebooks representing 300+ scholarly publishers, all DRM-free with unlimited simultaneous use.

  • NEW Digital Course Reserves Model expands eTextbook Solutions
    First of its kind acquisition model for eTextbooks – Pioneered by ProQuest, publishers, and librarians. Digital Course Reserves (DCR) functions just like the physical Reserve desk as it mimics the historical practice of print course reserves lending – now in a digital format. Ebook Central is the first ebook platform to offer DCR acquisition model and its eTextbook catalog is 40,000+ titles!
  • Enhanced library workflows with Alma

The Ex Libris Alma team completed and delivered a series of developments around library independence, improved UX, workflow simplification, linked open data, and controlled digital lending.  These developments enhance workflows and the day-to-day experience of library staff working with Alma.

  • Improved patron experience for Rapido

Rapido’s November release has some key new features, including integration with Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy, and Relais ILL as well as enhancements to the patron experience so that the requester can see how many times they can download an article as well as the article’s expiration date.

  • Find in-demand content on Sustainability and Mental Health

Selectors can explore two new expertly curated books collections on Mental Health and Sustainability, saving librarians time and ensuring access to the most in-demand content on these important research topics.

  • More ways to provide access to Sustainability ebooks

Students can gain unlimited access to over 7,000 ebooks with the new Sustainability Ebook Subscription on Ebook Central. Specially selected to embed discipline-relevant aspects of education for sustainable development into every degree program, this new resource gives researchers the ability to explore high-quality multidisciplinary ebooks.

  • eLearning Companions on dissertations for novice researchers

Students new to using dissertations and theses can leverage on-demand interactive learning modules embedded within the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. They allow students to uncover the value of dissertations for their assignment needs assisting in their development of information literacy skills. They are available in 7 different languages.

  • Primary Sources/Historical Collections

Major user interface overhaul to Visual History Archive, and updated UI to Legislative Insight; Added over 332,000 pages of new content across nine historical periodicals; added over 40,000 pages to three different government documents databases; added over 125,000 pages of new material across six different Alexander Street databases. Retired 4 legacy Chadwyck-Healy databases and migrated them to the ProQuest Platform, including The Gerritsen Collection, Acta Sanctorum, Patrologia Latina, and The Paley Center Seminars. Two additional legacy databases will start dual access on the ProQuest platform this year, which include C19 Index and ArchiveFinder.

ProQuest Black Studies continues to grow with the addition of Organizations Topic Pages, a topic page on Black Lives Matter, 850 videos added from Black Studies in Video, selected Supreme Court cases dealing with Race, Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights, and selected items from Black Thought and Culture.

Historical Newspaper portfolio continues to grow with over 2.4 million pages of content rolling into existing titles that includes Black Historical Newspapers, US State Collections and International Historical Newspapers.

  • Library Mobile

To empower academic libraries to better support their users, we have launched the Library Mobile app, which integrates with Ex Libris Alma, Primo, Leganto and Summon. The app is helping academic librarians using Ex Libris library services enhance the patron experience by meeting patrons where they are – on their mobile, on the move and on demand.

  • campusM

Responding to higher education’s post-pandemic drive to elevate the digital experience, the campusM mobile app and web portal has undergone key enhancements to its events feature, attendance capture offering, and a newly released task board. These developments aim to make it easier for students to focus on what matters and succeed, on and off campus.

  • Enhancing resource discovery through Primo and Summon

Several customization and user experience enhancements, including search and ranking improvements, are available to customers. In addition, our Data Excellence initiative continues our strong commitment to data quality and excellence resulting in improvements to rights updates, linking, and enrichment of  the Central Discovery Index (CDI).

In 2022, we expanded content across many of our solutions and invested in improved user experience, visualizations and analytics.

  • New drug metabolism insights

Get a better understanding of the metabolic pathways of potential drugs and targets in Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence.

  • Connected information from Web of Science

Gain more insight in Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence with deep links in literature searches and authors, funding and affiliates to Web of Science.

  • Biomarker use in trials

Link from Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence to Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence to identify and validate biomarkers, then understand how they’re being used in clinical trials.

  • Digital health trial data

Gain new insights with over 15K+ new digital health trials in Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence to easily identify which trials have a digital health component and what that component is.

  • Comparative Target Safety Evidence

New analytics compares the safety liabilities of drug targets to discern the optimal candidate by benchmarking drug safety profiles in OFF-X.

  • Expanded molecular content

Expanded content and UX enhancements in MetaCore reaching 3 million curated molecular interactions between biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, and chemical compounds.

  • Predict Drug Success

Predict drug value and success for diseases and specific companies using our first-in-class patented algorithm, Cortellis Deals Intelligence Predictive Analytics.

  • Epidemiology Data Slicer

Visualize and access combined Epidemiology datasets across regions to help accelerate analysis on patient populations.

  • Integrated pipeline intelligence

Mapped and integrated drug pipeline and regulatory milestones from Cortellis Competitive Intelligence with Disease Landscape and Forecast content helps inform market assessment.

  • Integrated market & disease intelligence

Predict trends, threats and opportunities in Cortellis Competitive Intelligence with integrated Disease Landscape & Forecast epidemiology intelligence.

  • Evaluate more information at once

New functionality in Drug Timeline & Success Rates, allows you to analyze up to 100 drugs and compare historical and current predictions with the new track changes side-by-side comparison.

  • Faster news delivery

BioWorld Science will be available on the same platform as other BioWorld publications, delivering discovery and preclinical research news to support crucial drug R&D decisions.

  • Comparative Target Safety Evidence

Improved Decision Making: New analytics to compare the safety liabilities of primary and secondary drug targets to discern the optimal candidate by benchmarking drug safety profiles in OFF-X.

  • New Biologics Module

Understand CMC requirements for biosimilars, blood derivatives, cell therapies, gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant hormones and vaccines for over 60 regions in a single location with Cortellis CMC Intelligence.

  • New Search Hedges

Improved decision making with 3 new pre-built searches to allow easy access to authoritative search across all Dialog Databases.

  • Integration for ease of use

Further integration of the Real-World Evidence analysis dashboard into PV workflows, to connect your workflows to real world data with ease with OFF-X.

  • Personalized and improved UX

Keep up to date by setting up personalized alerts for drugs, drug combinations and targets of interest in OFF-X.  Direct links to other Clarivate products and Learning and Resource Center.

  • Export content

Export comparison tables generated from a selection of countries or organizations from the summary requirements sections to a Microsoft Excel with Cortellis CMC Intelligence Excel.

  • Geographic analysis for Medical Supply Distribution

Tailor your market analysis by geography in the U.S. within the Medical Supply Distribution Tracking solution.

  • Integrated healthcare & provider data

Streamline data for hospital systems with integrated Provider Research Platform and Provider Learning Platform, connecting research, affiliation data, and learning.

  • Usability enhancements

Monthly updates of claims and practitioner data, and quarterly updates of contacts and entity payer share methodology in Healthbase – ensuring your market analysis is based on current data.

  • Physician Multichannel Insights – Taking The Pulse®

    Two-phase 2022 study

    • Disease-Level Insights: aligned with the key conditions targeted specialists treat, covering 25+ specialties around 15+ countries, providing a better understanding of specialists’ decision-making process.
    • Channel Benchmarking: Insights on benchmarking content and user experience elements across 6 key channels, e.g. manufacturer websites, social interactions, etc., providing a deep dive into how physicians use key channels.


In 2022, Clarivate has made the following improvements to our IP lifecycle management solutions to help you better manage your IP assets across their lifecycle.

Unleashing data and insights to innovate faster

  • Streamlined the management of your organization’s trademark portfolio with connected trademark data and solutions with integrated CompuMark trademark data.
  • Access actionable insights and simplify how you manage your patent portfolio through connected patent data and capabilities including patent dashboard analytics and prior art management (IDS).

Connecting the ecosystem and optimizing the user experience

  • Forecast IP costs and proactively adjust spend to prevent budget overruns. Compare future-scenarios and modify your strategy to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Manage Trademark renewal decisions more efficiently with a new renewals decision management interface, including powerful searching and filtering capabilities.
  • Experience improved usability across with a modernized navigation framework.
  • Numerous usability improvements to matter search enabling you to easily slice and dice your data to achieve the desired results.
  • Through improved matter searching, quickly see existing search parameters when viewing search results.

Removing friction from and protecting your workflow 

  • Enhanced Matter management capabilities helping you maximize your workflow and meet industry requirements.
  • Enhanced report editing capabilities, streamlining your review process.

Clarivate continues to invest in patent intelligence solutions to help our global user community of IP, R&D and business development professionals make faster, more informed decisions, delivering the following enhancements in 2022:

  • Thematic Smart Search for Derwent Innovation

Enhance patent search outcomes with user-directed, AI-powered semantic search.

  • Custom Field Alerting for Derwent Innovation

Automate review workflows, notify users of relevant activity, and capture feedback in a structured format.

  • New Derwent Innovation Reader

Easily share search projects, competitor alerts and industry insights and gather feedback from technical
subject matter experts.

  • Patent Family Explorer for Innography

Quickly retrieve global patent families and analyze how the family evolved over time.

  • DWPI Titles in Innography

Save time reviewing search results and identifying relevant records with descriptive DWPI patent titles.

  • Patent Family Member Claims Comparison for Innography

Easily spot differences in claims between filings across jurisdictions

  • Analytics Data Hub Patent Landscape Reports

See how a technology is evolving, analyze market trends and evaluate how your competitors’ focus may be changing using configurable, pre-built analytics templates

Clarivate continues to invest in brand intelligence solutions to help our global user community trademark and domain focused professionals make faster, more informed decisions, delivering the following enhancements in 2022:

  • Case Law Prediction Score in Search

CompuMark Search Case Law Prediction Score helps you assess the potential risks of trademark applications, worldwide. Leverage trademark and case law data from CompuMark and Darts-ip to focus your go-to-market strategy on the most innovative brands in your portfolio, reducing the risk of oppositions or trademark invalidity rulings.

  • Opposition Scoring in Watch Results

Identify infringement risk, determine high-priority opposition actions and strategically assess the likelihood of success of your marks, leveraging insights gathered from CompuMark and Darts-ip trademark case law data.

  • Brand Landscape Analyzer (Early Adopter program)

Rapidly assess legal and commercial risk for your brands. Gain instant access to CompuMark trademark and Darts-ip litigation intelligence data and AI-driven analytics. Understand critical risk factors holistically and make decisions regarding brand viability faster, speeding time to market.

  • Litigation Search as a Service

Obtain key IP litigation data rapidly through a new case data delivery service. Litigation experts provide relevant results matching your specific search criteria.

  • China Registrar Services

Live domains in mainland China can now be managed through a single provider through an integrated, seamless service in the MarkMonitor portal to help keep your domains secure, and in one place.

  • NFT Domain Protection Services

Current MarkMonitor clients can now preventively block a limited set of NFT domains from being minted to the blockchain through our cooperation with Unstoppable Domains.

Clarivate continues to improve its IP services to better meet the growing demands of your business.

  • Sharper Data Verification

Get your data verified by our experts now leveraging the entirety of our IP databases including litigation data.

  • Unitary Patent Services

Now offering a range of services to help you navigate the Unitary Patent changes.

  • Integrated pre-filing searches in IPfolio

Order your pre-filing searches and get them delivered directly within IPfolio.

  • Virtual IP Office

All your IP support needs covered in a single point-of-contact solution to help you grow, evolve, and be more efficient without having to deal with human resources or technological constraints.

  • Patent Searches with Darts-ip data

Complement your patent searches with global litigation data so your decision making is even more informed.

  • Advanced PTO data extraction

Get faster and accurate data verification an enrichment.

Innovation in focus

Get insights into what’s driving global innovation

The Clarivate privacy program

The Clarivate privacy program is built on a strong foundation of internationally accepted privacy principles and is a reflection of Clarivate company values in action. We seek to continuously improve and enhance our privacy program, and carry on our tradition of upholding high standards in collecting and processing personal data across our business practices, products and services.

Visit the Clarivate privacy center to access our privacy notices, find information on your privacy rights and make updates to your marketing preferences.