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At Clarivate, we believe that the best results come from working together in respectful partnership with our colleagues and customers. We aim to delight our customers in all that we do – by gathering facts and insights and delivering what you need when you need it, before you’ve had a chance to ask. We are committed to acting with integrity and are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

We value your feedback.

A big “thank you” to those that took the time to respond to Clarivate’s Customer Delight Survey. We take your feedback seriously and are constantly driving towards actions that will enhance your experience with us. Your input is at the center of our growth strategy and we will continue to act on your feedback, including improving our products and content offerings.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Jerre Stead
Executive Chairman and CEO, Clarivate

Supporting our community.

In this unprecedented time, our top priority at Clarivate has continued to be our community — our customers, our colleagues and our partners.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure the continued health and safety of our colleagues, including deploying our remote-work model and stopping all travel. Our teams continue to operate at full capacity, maintaining all expected levels of service and support so that you continue to enjoy a great experience via all of our products and services.

Get the insights you need on COVID-19.

We launched a Coronavirus global resource site to help medical researchers and healthcare professionals access the world’s leading research and late-breaking news on this rapidly evolving health emergency.

  • Access global coronavirus resources

    You asked, we acted.

    Twice a year, we send out a customer delight survey to understand how we can serve you better. Below are a few new initiatives we’ve launched based on your feedback.

    Easier access to product training.

    You asked for easier access to product training. We have now launched a new customer training portal to streamline access to our self-guided training and support materials.

    Transparency into product roadmaps.

    You asked for more transparency and input into product roadmaps. We have now developed product roadmaps for each of our core product lines. Please connect with your account manager for details.

    Improved responsiveness.

    You asked for improved responsiveness.
    We are creating three global business centers in Chandler Arizona, London and Penang Malaysia that will provide 24×5 worldwide customer service.

    Better customer service.

    You asked to improve the quality of our customer service. We have begun measuring first contact resolution and the effort it takes you to get an answer. This will help us improve the responsiveness and quality of our interactions.

    Recent product enhancements.

    • 2-day turnaround for select Full Searches: Begin the clearance process up to three days sooner so you can get to market faster
    • Industrial Designs on TM go365™: Easily research industrial designs across 17 databases without entering complex codes or queries
    • Expanded TM go365™ content: Research word and image marks across 186 country trademark databases; choose the solution that best meets your needs without compromising on content coverage
    • New Solution: Naming Tool on SERION®: Generate and analyze new brand names with trademark clearance in mind
    • New Derwent Innovation: Experience an intuitive, modern UI and search experience for your entire team, from novice patent searchers to pro users
    • New Ways to Get Answers: Find answers quickly and confidently using the new AI enabled search and analytics. Take advantage of new visualizations in our Insights dashboards
    • Enriched Patent Data: Receive results you can trust with Derwent’s enriched Global Patent Data and the Derwent World Patents Index
    • New capabilities for Pharma and Biotech: Experience a more modern workflow for sequence searching via the updated user interface on Derwent SequenceBase


    • New platform: Gather all life sciences industry news, across industries and regions, from a modern platform
    • Mobile friendly: Keep up with the news on any device, wherever you are
    • Same day news: Stay up to date with most current news, events and analysis
    • Digital experience: Connect to relevant news and search topics as you’re reading a story to move beyond a static article


    Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence

    • Medical device trials: Comprehensively understand medical device trials through easy one-click access
    • Gene variant indexing: Link gene variants to specific trials, drugs, and diseases to make better decisions with data that goes beyond oncology and rare diseases
    • More data and additional content: Make better-informed decisions using a richer base of intelligence
    • Link related content: Seamlessly integrate trials, companies, deals and drug data to save time and power-up analysis


    Cortellis CMC Intelligence

    • New country coverage: Quickly understand CMC requirements in Central and Western Europe, LatAm and APAC countries
    • New features: Stay up to date with the latest regulations with custom alerts and further analyze the data with exports
    • Enhanced content organization: Easily understand CMC requirements via organized country reports and requirement comparison tables
    • Link related Cortellis Regulatory content: Link to Source documents featured in Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence


    Cortellis Competitive Intelligence

    • Drug timeline and success rates: Contextualize results with a historical overview; see how predictions change over time
    • Discovery and pre-clinical splits: Better identify early stage drugs and those likely to move into clinical trials
    • Milestones: Ability to get an overview of all major events that impact a drug of interest
    • Link related content: Seamlessly integrate trials, companies, deals and drug data to save time and power-up analysis


    Cortellis Deals Intelligence

    • Refined filters: Find relevant deals and related data using organized and intuitive filters
    • Digital health deals: Get a better view of what’s happening in the digital health landscape to inform due diligence and strategy work
    • Venture funding integration: Gain comprehensive understanding of funding landscape with integrated venture funding content
    • Separating preclinical and discovery deals: See deals involving preclinical stage drugs along with or separated from discovery stage deals


    Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence

    • New UI: Quickly and easily access relevant content via an intuitive UI, homepage widgets and more
    • New quick search and filters: Easily find diagnostic agents, radiation therapies and vaccines to support research decisions using type-ahead functionality
    • New and enhanced data: Enrich your research with comprehensive organic synthesis, genes and targets, and organizations data
    • Interoperability with OFF-X: Identify and monitor unanticipated safety findings and toxicity alerts (Bioinfogate OFF-X subscription required)


    Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence

    • New UI: Focus on relevant countries and information; easily find and drill into critical documents to stay compliant
    • Mobile access: Stay current with the ever-changing regulatory landscape on the go – no need to be near a computer
    • Comparison tables for MD & IVD: Compare the latest global regulations from adverse event reporting to QMS requirements
    • Citation references: Instantly understand the full picture of a given topic via clear links to ‘cited by’ and ‘cited’ documents



    • Enhanced visualizations: Enjoy a new UI for network-building to make it easier to understand gene-protein-disease connections
    • R-script library: Enable your bioinformatics teams to create algorithms that support network and pathway analysis
    • Programmatic access: Get more cost-effective access to continually updated systems biology data to analyze molecular pathways and advance discovery research
    • Curated disease maps: Power up your research using new manually curated networks and regulatory, metabolic and disease maps


    Newport, a Cortellis solution

    • Executive summaries: Digest and share summarized information on portfolio candidates quickly and easily
    • Expanded content: Explore additional product, company and patent intelligence
    • Weekly updates: Improve visibility to market dynamics with API manufacturing info, patents and SPCs
    • Smarter, focused searches: Identify API manufacturing sites and finished dose manufacturers by location and capabilities

    EndNote X9

    • Group sharing and read-only access: Better manage your collaborations so that nothing is lost and everyone stays on the same page
    • Web of Science integration: Identify the impact your research has on your field, and keep up to date with new developments
    • Manuscript Matcher Word integration: Find the best-fit journals in a few mouse clicks and eliminate time-consuming searches
    • Kopernio integration: Save time looking for PDFs with a tool that delivers them to you in your browser, and add them to your library with 1 click



    • My Organization: Run reports on your departments and researchers and gain actionable intelligence to allocate resources and make hiring decisions
    • Open access data: Support your institution’s Open Access publishing strategy with quantitative data and benchmark your institution’s OA footprint against peers
    • Publisher unification: Assess a publisher’s entire portfolio in one click and identify potential cases of “double-dipping” via filtering
    • JCR: all years data integration: Eliminate unnecessary tabs and save time with 95% faster page loads


    Publishers (ScholarOne, Publons)

    • Automated flags for unusual activity: Ensure the integrity of your peer review process via knowledge of author changes on revisions and IP address proximity
    • Simplified third party integrations: Delight authors with value-added features and services that quickly and easily integrate directly into ScholarOne
    • Redesigned help site: Save time for your authors, reviewers, and editors with a more intuitive interface that simplifies access to answers and support
    • Scalable open peer review workflows: Improve recognition for your reviewers and protect research integrity


    Web of Science

    • Redesigned author search: Save time locating authors and their papers with intuitive guidance throughout the search process
    • New author record: Promote your research worldwide or improve the scholarly record for your institution with disambiguated researcher records
    • Modernized alerting: Reduce your in-box overload by replacing up to 16 emails with 1, and get mobile-friendly messages to stay productive on the go
    • UX improvements: Quickly find what you need with fewer clicks thanks to an interactive search menu, simplified export and unified funding data

    The Clarivate privacy program.

    The Clarivate privacy program is built on a strong foundation of internationally accepted privacy principles and is a reflection of Clarivate company values in action. We seek to continuously improve and enhance our privacy program, and carry on our tradition of upholding high standards in collecting and processing personal data across our business practices, products and services.

    Visit the Clarivate privacy center to access our privacy notices, find information on your privacy rights and make updates to your marketing preferences.

    Sharing best practices.

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