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At Clarivate, we believe that the best results come from working together in respectful partnership with our colleagues and customers. We aim to delight our customers in all that we do – by gathering facts and insights and delivering what you need when you need it, before you’ve had a chance to ask. We are committed to acting with integrity and are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

We value your feedback.

A big “thank you” to those that took the time to respond to Clarivate’s Customer Delight Survey. We take your feedback seriously and are constantly driving towards actions that will enhance your experience with us. Your input is at the center of our growth strategy and we will continue to act on your feedback, including improving our products and content offerings.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Jerre Stead
Executive Chairman and CEO, Clarivate

You asked, we acted

Twice a year, we send out a customer delight survey to understand how we can serve you better. Below are a few new initiatives we’ve launched based on your feedback. Your next opportunity to provide us with feedback through our customer surveys will start on October 12, 2021.

Improved data quality

You told us that accurate, high-quality information is critical.

Proof Point: The improved patent to literature citation — linking from Derwent Innovation Index (DII) content in the Web of Science — has increased the number of citations linked to the correct journal by 50% and with an accuracy of 99%.

Better user experience

You asked for a better user experience with our products. We’ve made several updates to a wide range of our products and have developed product roadmaps for each of our core product lines.

Please connect with your account manager for details.

Proof Point: We launched a brand-new user experience for the Web of Science platform. Addressing a large amount of customer feedback, the new platform delivers enhanced speed and accessibility, improved usability and new features and content including article recommendations, funding data, and enriched cited references.

Improved responsiveness

You asked for information that gets to customers faster.

Proof Point: We see improvements in timeliness over recent months, reducing the time for content to be “available” in our products. We’ve also sped up the automated acquisition of data and content for large publishers.

Better customer service.

You asked faster and higher quality customer service.

Proof Point: More than 70% of our cases are resolved at first point of contact, 95% of customers say their Clarivate Customer Service Representative is knowledgeable, and 93% of customers say our service desk is “easy to access.”

Recent product enhancements

During H1, we continued to invest in our solutions to help our customers thrive in a complex research landscape.

  • Introduced a series of enhancements to the new Web of Science, including Author Impact Beamplots, a new interactive tool that showcases the range of a researcher’s publication and citation impact in a single visualization; a new engine for article recommendations, facilitating quicker and easier content discovery; and expanded funding details, ‘breadcrumb’ navigation, export to Incites, and persistent links to claimed author records.
  • Launched My Research Assistant, a mobile-only application that enables researchers to easily search, save and share publication records of the trusted research data in the Web of Science citation index using their mobile devices.  The app is now also available for Android in China.
  • Continued to enhance InCites Benchmarking & Analytics following the relaunch of the tool with a powerful but simplified interface last year with new indicators, such as Average JIF Percentile, open access, domestic collaborations, and e-ISSN; improved geo map with additional features and zoom capabilities and updated Treemap visualizations; percentile changes and ability to filter on top X% of documents; and expanded funding grants.
  • During the 2021 Journal Citation Reports launch, expanded coverage, added a new metric (Journal Citation Indicator) providing more depth, insight and context to the JCR’s range of measures, and improved the user experience with simpler, more direct searching while affording a deeper look into the data.
  • Kicked off integration of Publons into Web of Science to simplify the user experience and reduce the burden on researchers when it comes to maintaining their presence.
  • Rolled out a new and simplified Web of Science Reviewer Locator for Funders that allows funders to find, screen, and connect with the right reviewers based on relevant authored publications in the Web of Science Core Collection.
  • Retired Publons Academy and replaced it with Web of Science Academy. Integrating Publons Academy courses with the Web of Science Academy provides a better user experience for learners and mentors.
  • Simplified the journal submission experience by opening the Web of Science Publisher Portal to all publishers. The Portal allows publishers to securely submit journals for inclusion in the Web of Science Core Collection.
  • Made a series of enhancements to EndNote 20 for Windows and MacOS, improving researcher experience and workflows and facilitating connections across the community.

During the first half of the year, we expanded content across many of our solutions as well as invested in improved user experience, visualizations and analytics.

  • Made a series of enhancements to Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence, including the addition of a new Drug-Drug Interaction knowledge area, ability to normalize the units of Experimental Pharmacology studies, and the ability to run sequence similarity searches in Drugs & Biologics.
  • Further built out new biologic Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control content, including coverage of Asia Pacific, to support pharma, biotech and generics organizations in their quest to efficiently and accurately plan and prepare their CMC regulatory dossier submissions.
  • Added China, South Korea and Singapore to the list of countries covered in Cortellis Analytics Drug Timeline & Success Rates and increased the number of drug programs that could be analyzed at once from 25 to 100.
  • Launched the Executive package of Cortellis Deals Intelligence, which includes trend visualization and predictive analytics, allowing users to confidently track the deal-making landscape and quickly understand the potential value of an asset.
  • Made series of enhancements to Cortellis Generics Intelligence, including new content (e.g., contract manufacturers) and improved user experience through enhancements to search, displays, and expansion of export capabilities. Added coverage of 20 additional countries to the Global Pricing Trends module and made the module available as a standalone offering.
  • Launched the Incidence & Prevalence Database API, making it easier for our customers in the pharma industry to incorporate epidemiology data into their dashboards and analysis.
  • Expanded HTA coverage documents for rare disease therapies in Context Matters, allowing customers to understand the orphan status, disease condition features, and study design.
  • Rolled out the initial set of findings from the latest Taking the Pulse and Cybercitizen Health surveys, with added focus on COVID impact on Healthcare Practitioners and patients to equip marketing and customer insight teams with critical insights to drive multichannel planning.

During the first half of 2021, Clarivate continued to build out solutions for the medtech industry.

  • As part of taking on the Healthcare Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) data program, made the data available through different channels; in addition to receiving data via FTP, distributors and customers have gained access to the data on the Insights platform.
  • Made navigational and layout enhancements to the Insights Platform, including redesigned home pages, search bar quick links, and content directory enhancements, providing an improved experience.

During H1 2021, we migrated the Learning Portal to a new platform. The new Learning portal provides real-time learner insights for trainers and features a cleaner interface and improved dashboard for the learners.

During H1, we made a series of enhancements to our IP Lifecycle Management solutions focused on investing in and extending our IP Management products: FoundationIP, Inprotech, Ipendo, IPfolio, Memotech, Patrawin, The IP Management System and Unycom.

Updates include:

  • Intelligent IP management, providing actionable insights by
    • introducing the extended Innography interface to IPfolio
    • adding trademark data validation and enrichment to IPfolio and FoundationIP
    • enriching portfolio data in Unycom using Clarivate patent data and providing the possibility to automatically import publicly available data
    • streamlining the transfer of renewal budget numbers from Patrawin to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Control (client portal) for basic outsourcing to clients
  • New integrated services facilitating end-to-end collaboration such as
    • the ability to order Compumark trademark Watches directly from IPfolio and FoundationIP and simpler integrations with third-party enterprise systems for billing and document management
    • improved task collaboration with modernization of matter records to provide a common way of working across family, case and matter records in Ipendo
    • integrating additional stakeholders into the IP process with Unycom Smart Submissions, allowing them to submit a variety of IP proposals and requests
  • Smart docketing and advanced task management, for example, by
    • improving workflows and enhancing user experience in IPfolio and adding public prosecution document feeds from Japan and Taiwan to IPfolio
    • adding new task assignment rules and new events user interface to FoundationIP
    • consolidating due date management with Inprotech exclusive reminders system

During the first half of the year, we released the following updates across our patent research and analysis capabilities:

  • Combined global case data, providing an integrated overview and new insights of global litigation activity from Darts-ip in Derwent Innovation, Innography and Incopat, helping customers more efficiently launch and protect their patents.
  • Expanded full text and added DWPI to Innography and created a SharePoint connector to streamline information across the organization.
  • Launched Clarivate Chemistry Research, a new insight-oriented tool with DWPI patents and literature purpose-built for chemistry researchers.
  • Continued to enhance SequenceBase with more search, reporting and analysis capabilities for GENESEQ, USGENE and WOGENE.

In the first half of 2021, we made numerous updates across our litigation intelligence, trademark and domain product portfolio:

  • Combined global case data, providing an integrated overview of global litigation activity from Darts-ip in CompuMark™, helping customers more efficiently launch and protect their brand.
  • Made changes to CompuMark Watch capabilities, combining email alerts, helping to further streamline review of Watch results.
  • Enhanced self-service domain management capabilities through the MarkMonitor™ portal, empowering customers to conduct domain registration and transfer activities more seamlessly.
  • Integrated CompuMark trademark research and protection solutions into IPfolio™ and FoundationIP™, IP management software (IPMS) solutions, helping to remove friction from IP management processes by connecting the IP ecosystem.
  • Enhanced data sharing functionality in Darts-ip, allowing users to save and share searches and results with colleagues.

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The Clarivate privacy program

The Clarivate privacy program is built on a strong foundation of internationally accepted privacy principles and is a reflection of Clarivate company values in action. We seek to continuously improve and enhance our privacy program, and carry on our tradition of upholding high standards in collecting and processing personal data across our business practices, products and services.

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