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Preventing the spread of disease or the next global pandemic requires that we accelerate research, preparedness and response efforts across private and public sectors. Researchers and policy makers need to connect the dots across multiple – and sometimes disparate – data points, which brings a unique set of challenges.

The first of several therapeutically oriented data lakes from Clarivate, our coronavirus, virology and infectious disease (CVID) data lake brings together comprehensive data assets backed by actionable analytics and expert consultants with deep domain knowledge.

Alleviate critical pain points at scale and speed to enable fact- and evidence-based decisions with complete, structured and connected data all in one place, supporting a multitude of users and many different use cases.

Accelerate research, preparedness and response efforts to address the needs of today ― and tomorrow.

Measure disease impact

Measure the impact of infectious disease on healthcare system capacity, including essential supplies, clinicians and other healthcare professionals. Other possibilities include assessing clinical trial capacity and accelerating promising vaccines and other treatments in development. Drive more informed decisions with rich real-world data (RWD), including electronic health records (EHR).

Understand the shifting landscape

Understand how the health policy, research and regulatory landscape is evolving in response to Covid-19, super viruses and other infectious diseases. Using powerful combinations of policy impact intelligence, research funding data, regulatory guidelines and more, you can assess and monitor the impact of efforts to prevent disease transmission and collateral effects of policy choices on healthcare delivery for other diseases. Additionally, you can model how Covid-19 research funding sources and priorities may shift to inform future preparedness, assess how regulations have evolved in response to Covid-19 and determine additional changes required to prepare for future pandemics.

Coordinate R&D

Coordinate use of biomedical research, development and manufacturing resources across the public-private continuum using comprehensive data sets to support clinical trial recruitment; target identification and validation; synthetic control arms; research efficiency and effectiveness; drug repurposing; social impact; and more. The robust analytic foundation in CVID can support a multitude of your questions and needs.

Ensure market access

Develop a global strategy to support pricing, market access and reimbursement activities. Whether you’re assessing product performance, treatment effectiveness and prescription pathways or need to understand price sensitivities, value drivers or adherence patterns, you’ll have the intelligence needed to set effective commercial strategies or public health policies, optimize performance, successfully establish market access, create patient assistance programs and more.

Access comprehensive data assets based on your resource needs and expertise.

CVID data lake includes comprehensive content and information spanning Clarivate’s considerable assets, and is accessed by an array of delivery options depending on your resource needs and expertise. We can even integrate your own or third-party data for an even richer analytic foundation.

Master dataset

Easily utilize direct programmatic access to data hosted and maintained by Clarivate.

Self-serve analytics

Empower your teams with pre-configured dashboards and intuitive exploration tools that enable easy queries and interrogation.

Custom analytics

Get answers to your specific questions through custom analytics delivered by our experienced team of industry professionals and data scientists.


Leverage proven methodologies and advanced data science capabilities with our expert consulting services spanning key areas of decision making.


Billions of data points, infinite insights.

This unique repository is focused on the coronavirus family, super viruses and other infectious diseases with harmonized data that’s easily accessed from one centralized, secure source. Our CVID data lake draws on comprehensive content and information spanning Clarivate’s considerable assets, including research citations and scholarly literature; biology, pharmacology and chemistry data; regulatory guidance documents; clinical trial programs; drug and device deals; digital health intelligence; real-world patient data; epidemiology data; payer and provider affiliations information; and more.



Make data-driven decisions, powered by Clarivate’s Research Intelligence Cloud.

The Clarivate Research Intelligence Cloud is an integrated, scalable technology platform that powers our intelligence solutions, applications and data sets. As well as hosting DRG, Cortellis and Web of Science, the Research Intelligence Cloud enables data models that let us ingest, integrate, synthesize and share high volumes of information – making data accessible via configurable cloud applications, direct feeds, data lakes or bespoke programs for customer and partner applications.

By harmonizing billions of data points from thousands of sources into a single platform, the Research Intelligence Cloud provides the flexibility and functionality required to support a diverse slate of complex research and analytics needs.

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