SERION Release – July 2019

TM go365™

Expanded Database Coverage

  • We have expanded our Word database coverage by adding 10 additional databases including: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, and South Africa.
  • We have expanded our image database coverage on Image by adding 16 additional databases including: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, US State, Venezuela, and Article 6ter.

Visual Similarity Search on Mobile App database

Visual Similarity Searching is now supported on Mobile App databases including Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This new feature is an industry first, available only on TM go365

Naming Tool on SERION®

Linguistic Review and Semantic Alternatives

  • Powered by Wiktionary, the linguistic review feature helps prevent potential linguistic mishaps by providing definitions, including foreign languages, on generated names.
  • In addition to phonetic alternatives, semantic alternatives are now provided within the data analysis panel, allowing you to view additional name ideas with similar meaning to a selected name.

Data Analysis Panel Exports

By adding pertinent information from the Data Analysis panel to the Selections / Export list, you can now view detailed information on your exported list of generated names, including status check detail and class predictor.

Full Search

Addition of European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a POCA Source

We’ve added a POCA search against EMA content to Global Pharmaceutical Searches for European

  • Includes phonetic and orthographic similarity scores ​
  • Reported in the POCA section of the report (like FDA and Health Canada)​
  • Full-text records include link to detailed record on European Medicines Agency website

Citation Matrix within Analysis Tool

Quickly view citations across sources by clicking on the Citation Matrix link within Reference Material. This is available for U.S. and Canadian Pharmaceutical XC, as well as Global Pharmaceutical Searches.

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