The Value of Direct

For marketers, the chance to market directly to a member of a target audience is always a welcome opportunity.

Often, however, marketing efforts are actually indirect communications – ads in a magazine, tweets about a product release, banner ads on popular sites, etc. Marketers place their messages in arenas where they know their audience frequents and then hope the right eyeballs see it.

Don’t get me wrong – these tactics hold a valuable place in a marketing strategy. The best marketing plan utilizes a variety of channels including digital, social, events, print, email, etc.,  that are optimized to what works best for a specific brand. And when done correctly, direct mail marketing (both email and postal) can be a highly effective part of your marketing strategy.

For academic publishers, scholarly societies, universities, and even biotech companies looking to target the individuals leading research in their fields, Web of Science Author Connect can provide access to reach them directly.

The Author Connect email and postal lists are built from Web of Science–which includes only the world’s highest-impact journals – so you can trust that you are reaching the people who matter most in the industry.

Defining the target audience for your direct mail campaign is an essential determinant of the campaign’s success. With Web of Science Author Connect, you can create a custom list based on a number of criteria, such as:

  • Corporate vs. academic vs.  government Institutions
  • Geography
  • Research field
  • Time period of most recent publication
  • Journal titles
  • Primary vs. contributing authors
  • Funding agency

When creating your campaign with Web of Science Author Connect, you can work with our list experts to define your list as broadly or narrowly as you need it so that you hit the right audience.

If you need to recruit new authors or editors, launch a new journal title, promote your university’s achievements, or even build demand for your company’s products, Web of Science Author Connect can help you reach the right people directly.