Key trends to watch

The trends shaping drug development and patient
health outcomes in 2024 and beyond 

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The life science industries tamed the COVID-19 pandemic and made strides in the battles against obesity and cancer.

Now, with many key patents set to expire in the coming years, they must replenish pipelines with a new generation of innovative treatments.

New and emerging technologies like AI/machine learning, gene editing and real world data are coming online to enable the development of these treatments.

Gene editing and AI/ML arrive


With the first approvals of a medicine designed using the CRISPR-Cas9 platform and the first drug candidate designed using AI/ML entering phase 2 clinical trials, these technologies are poised to have an impact on innovation in 2024.

The impact of the IRA


Pharmas are scrambling to reevaluate their market entry and portfolio strategies in light of the U.S. law, which could take a substantial bite out of global revenues.

The biosimilars marketplace heats up


With the expiration of key HUMIRA patents in the U.S. and an influx of adalimumab biosimilars, download the report for how these competitors are faring and what impact they are having on prices.

Real world data complement clinical trials


Download the report for real world examples of how real world data and real world evidence are increasingly being used to enhance and accelerate clinical trials.

Mainland China Drugs to Watch


The Mainland China marketplace continues its rapid evolution. Clarivate experts have identified seven Drugs to Watch for Mainland China in 2024, most focused on chronic diseases.

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