Think forward

Over the years as ClarivateTM has evolved, we have invested in curated content, workflow solutions and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning while earning a global reputation built on trust.

Throughout our journey, we have carefully brought together companies respected for their deep industry, subject-matter and technical expertise — DRG, CPA Global, ProQuest, Ex Libris, Innovative and many more.

All were built by forward-thinking people. From Eugene Garfield, founder of the Web of ScienceTM, to Eugene Power, the microfilm innovator behind ProQuest, Clarivate was built by people with an inspirational, transformative energy and sharp focus on customer success.

Today, we have grown to serve over 50,000 customers in approximately 180 countries with more than 11,500 colleagues located in 42 countries around the world.

The world’s leading government and academic institutions, non-profits, funding organizations, publishers, corporations and law firms all turn to Clarivate to help solve their most complex problems. Our customers are already some of the world’s greatest innovators. Our partners are solving some of the world’s most complex issues and challenges, from renewable energy, to NFTs and rare diseases.

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A common thread connects the people at Clarivate. Our founders and colleagues who make up Clarivate today have always connected people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform their perspectives, their work and, ultimately, our world. We are committed to our Think forwardTM promise, helping people and organizations to make critical decisions, navigate roadblocks and achieve their potential. This is the promise we strive to fulfill at every step.

This means embracing human ingenuity and the power that we have, as individuals and as a collective team, to push boundaries and bring fresh perspectives to challenges. We anticipate our customers’ needs and think ahead of the rest.

Across our website you will notice that we have changed the way we look and talk, to better reflect Clarivate as a future-facing organization which partners with our customers to help them think forward and redefine their own horizons.

Today, we are securing our place as a sustainable company that supports customers, colleagues and shareholders alike. This means bringing together the full power of our resources, intellect and talent.  Working together, we harness the power of human ingenuity to fuel the world’s greatest breakthroughs.

Now is the time to think forward.

Visit our customer stories page to see how we’re helping our customers to think forward.