On-Demand Webinar

Successfully prepare your Design & Model cases with Darts-ip

Morjane Nah
Legal Support and Training Manager
Darts-ip, Clarivate

This training session aims at showing the basic search strategies to perform in Darts-ip when preparing a design and model case.

In order to illustrate all the different search tools, we’ll go through the following set of real-life examples:

  • Search by party,
  • Search by product and analyze the case law involving the same design as yours, for example, designs of biscuits
  • Search by design number
  • Search by design name and find case law regarding a famous design such as the Tripp Trapp chair
  • Search by legal topic and action type, visualize the trends and assess your chances of success whenever, for example, the designer has launched an infringement action and in which the validity of the plaintiff’s design is challenged as a counterclaim, based on the technical aspect