How does understanding emerging research inform choices in a research portfolio?

Understanding and monitoring the emergence of research areas is of vital importance to policy makers because it allows one to make informed choices about the future and to effectively nurture the growth of new research fields. This understanding and monitoring can be facilitated using Clarivate Analytics Research Fronts, an established methodology for identifying high-impact research topics.


Research Fronts derive from automated analysis of citation patterns, demonstrating how new areas of inquiry branch off, coalesce, and evolve. Scientists themselves, with their citations to related research, provide the traceable cognitive links between these dynamic specialty areas.


Research Fronts can be used to identify emerging research areas relevant to a program by leveraging the content and metadata of the publications contained within the front. A variety of indicators can be used to filter or rank the Research Fronts and reveal the emergence of new research areas. This can provide a critical advantage to those who need to monitor, support, and advance research in their portfolios while making the best of finite funding resources.


See how Research Fronts can provide a critical advantage as you monitor, support, and advance your research portfolios.


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