Sustainable vehicles, today and in the future [Podcast]

In this episode of Ideas to Innovation, we speak with authors of a new Clarivate report on the electric vehicles industry. Listen to the podcast now. 

 In a new report from Clarivate, The road ahead: sustainable vehicles today and in the future, our leading IP analysts review the fascinating history of the electric vehicles industry, the innovation spark that finally fueled its mass market production and wider consumer acceptance, and the state of innovation in the electric vehicles sector today.

This data-driven report harnesses the power of integrated IP information from Clarivate, augmented with enriched academic research insights from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ and the Web of Science™.

At our latest Ideas to Innovation podcast, we welcome the report’s authors – an expert team of IP leaders at Clarivate. Together, they share insights from the new report, demonstrating why electric vehicles count among the handful of modern-day inventions that continue to capture our collective imagination.

Our speakers at this podcast are:

  • Ed White, Head of IP Analytics,
  • Robert Reading, Director of Government and Content Strategy,
  • Brian King, Head of Policy and Advocacy and
  • David Marques, Principal Consultant, Litigation Products & Strategy.

Listen now to hear their discussion:

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