InCites 2017 Roadmap

We are committed to accelerating the pace of innovation by constantly adjusting and improving upon features in our products. Stay up to date with all of our exciting developments as we enhance your InCites experience.

In Q1, we delivered on enhancing customization and workflow for our users. To further improve our integration with Web of Sciencewe’ve increased the number of custom datasets that can be created in Web of Science and sent to InCites from five to twenty. We also introduced some new features, including a five-year trend graph and new filter for Authors per Document to restrict many-authored papers from your collaboration analysis.

And we aren’t stopping there; we have a busy year planned ahead for InCites.

In Q2, get ready for a focus on bibliometrics with Journal Impact Factor Quartile indicators being added to help in evaluating output in top journals. We’re also adding a new subject category classification (Brazil’s CAPES) to enable more refined and granular research assessment. Finally, upload a dataset directly to InCites, leveraging those that you’ve built and saved offline; instead of building a new search each time.

Beginning in Q3, navigate faster within InCites. We’ll be expanding our library of dashboards and tiles to foster even faster analysis and reporting. Additionally, the InCites Benchmarking & Analytics dataset will be updated on a monthly rather than bimonthly basis.

And then, in Q4, we’ll be introducing a new geographic classification, European Union socio-economic regions, to facilitate more precise assessment by region. Navigation will be more focused around dashboards, making it easier to answer primary questions dealing with research performance and collaboration.


Check out the full roadmap below!


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