Improving end-to-end customer experience with Clarivate: being prepared

In this series of blogs, Kerri Nelson, Chief Operations Officer, Clarivate talks about how companies can improve their end-to-end customer experience, starting with being responsive.

Clarivate Customer Experience Services offers consulting, analytics and software that builds end-to-end Customer Delight programs, helping companies improve their customer experience in order to deliver better financial results such as retention, new business, cross sell, and margin improvements. Kerri has personally led customer experience and customer operations as well as consulted with major brands over the past 25 years. 

At Clarivate, we put customers at the forefront of everything we do. In order to operate with the highest standards, it is critical to have an end-to-end customer experience (CX) program. We are focused on three behaviors to improve our internal and external customers’ experience:  They are: being responsive, treating everyone as your customer and being prepared.

Being prepared

By being prepared, you demonstrate that you care about the people involved and the topic. You demonstrate respect.

Kerri shares her view on this: “When you come prepared for a discussion or meeting or presentation, people can tell. And people can tell when you are not prepared. Can you imagine a sports team showing up to a game and not practicing – their way of preparing? Teams that don’t prepare, don’t usually win the game. 

Being prepared means that you are ‘on your toes vs. your heels.’ Staying one step ahead in your planning and preparation also reduces stress levels for you and others.”

Some simple techniques to instill daily include:

  • sending materials for meetings 24 hours prior to a call or meeting,
  • summarizing upfront the purpose of the meeting or call, and
  • providing a recap on the next steps of a meeting or call.

These efforts lead to improved effectiveness across the board. Besides working closely within the leadership team, it is also important to integrate these new behaviors into other business processes, such as company values, communications, onboarding efforts, training and team meetings. These behaviors should be at the heart of all operations and engrained in the company’s culture.


Three ingredients for success

Being responsive, treating everyone as your customer and being prepared are the key ingredients to a successful CX program.

Many studies have proven that how we behave as an organization is exactly how our customers view us when we interact with them. Behavior is the hardest thing to adjust in any person, let alone an entire group or company, so when trying to drive this type of change it’s important to keep it simple with examples and strong role modeling by the  leadership team.


For more tips and best practices for a more impactful voice of the customer program please download our white paper.