How open science is transforming the future of research [Podcast]

Open research is a complex and rapidly evolving global movement. It has proven to be a springboard for ongoing research, discovery and innovation, but it has also led to challenges for researchers, librarians and publishers alike. Here to talk us through open research and the tools designed to help in this space is Dr. Nandita Quaderi, Web of Science Editor-in-Chief.

Tune in to the first episode of our new podcast series to discover what open research is, what’s driving it, and how it fosters transparency, collaboration and accessibility across the research lifecycle.

Make confident decisions with the Web of Science

The open access research ecosystem is complex, and Plan S, in particular, brings many benefits and challenges as it aims to accelerate the transition from traditional subscription publication models to full open access.

Plan S introduced an extra layer of complexity for researchers deciding where to publish; for publishers deciding how to best manage their portfolios and adapt their business models; and for librarians on how to manage their collections. Also, it’s meant institutes and funders outside of Plan S need to decide whether to introduce new open access policies or mandates.”

Dr. Quaderi discusses the challenge for research organizations to make confident plans for a more open future. She also  explains how the Web of Science™ can help.

Discover how publisher-neutral data and analytics in the Web of Science help you find trusted open access content, as well as assess productivity, collaboration and impact in alignment with evolving open research initiatives. Dr. Quaderi also touches on how open access data has been incorporated into InCites™ and Journal Citation Reports™, and how we’re expanding the content in our citation network to include grants, preprints and other essential outputs.

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Our new podcast series explores the trends impacting the global research landscape. We also discuss how the Web of Science can help you successfully navigate them. Our next episode, “Demonstrating real-world outcomes and the future of research evaluation” looks at the current challenges research evaluators face. You will learn best practices for measuring the real-world outcomes of research. In addition, we also reveal new indicators and predictive methodologies on the horizon. Learn more about our podcast line up here.