Why Clarivate is embracing a more flexible, connected workplace for the future

Kerri Nelson, Chief Strategy Officer at Clarivate, discusses the key reasons Clarivate is embracing a more flexible, Connected Workplace to advance teamwork, innovation and long-term success.


What is Connected Workplace?

About nine months ago, Clarivate embarked on a global, strategic mission to fundamentally rethink how and where we work. The timing was right as 100% of our colleagues were working from home due to the global pandemic. We took the opportunity to analyze how we collaborate, how we balance our work and home life and how we maintain our health and well-being. We examined what other organizations do and gathered feedback from our colleagues around the world.

Our goal was to create a more flexible way of working based on increased trust and accountability, with plenty of opportunities for 8,600+ colleagues to connect, collaborate and socialize both virtually and in person. We are calling it our “Connected Workplace,” featuring a hybrid of both home-based and onsite working.

From increased colleague engagement to gaining a recruiting edge to achieving environmental and diversity goals – the benefits of a more flexible, connected workplace are limitless when it comes to helping us increase our growth potential.


Amplifying colleague engagement

Our Connected Workplace is rooted in amplifying colleague engagement. It’s rewiring the way we work and the environment we work in so colleagues can collaborate more productively, no matter where they are in the world. We understand what today’s colleagues are looking for when it comes to fulfillment – increased trust and flexibility, greater work-life balance, more social connections and more opportunity to enhance skillsets to grow with an organization.

We are also re-imagining our workspaces, turning them into more user-friendly collaboration centers that increase colleague creativity and enable both ad hoc and formal opportunities to connect. We acknowledge the growing need to balance virtual connections with face-to-face interaction so the pendulum settles somewhere at center.


“When it comes to evolving to a more Connected Workplace, the benefits are limitless and help us significantly increase our competitive advantage and growth potential.”

Kerri Nelson, Chief Strategy Officer


Strengthening talent acquisition

Today’s evolving work landscape requires the ability to offer more flexible working arrangements that will help broaden access to high quality talent, mitigate skills gaps, reduce costs and ultimately improve colleague retention. More and more job seekers are expecting greater autonomy and want to work for a company that prioritizes sustainability and diversity and inclusion – meaningful impacts of a more Connected Workplace. By embracing this model, we are strengthening our ability to hire the best, most talented colleagues, wherever in the world they may be located.


Enhancing Customer Delight

Our Connected Workplace strategy puts people first. We believe if we take good care of our colleagues, enabling greater work flexibility and a more agile approach to innovation, we will deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our vision is to accelerate innovation and help our customers solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. With our purposeful location strategy, we are positioned to deliver the best products and services to our global customers.

We will continue evolve our Connected Workplace, building new ways of working that advance a more flexible environment built on trust, empowerment and working together. The future of work is exciting and it’s within our power to make the right changes to help colleagues aim for greatness and achieve success.