Emerging Markets

Fast-forward: Larry Liberti on the evolving landscape of pharma regulation

  Larry Liberti has served as executive director of the Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) since 2009. In that capacity, he has been actively involved in promoting best practices in the regulatory aspects of the development of medicines, especially in the emerging markets. He has worked in the fields of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, […]

For the tradition-bound biopharma industry, resisting change is no longer an option

“For nearly half a century the pharmaceutical industry has lagged other industries in terms of productivity, efficiency and, some might argue, innovation,” wrote Bikash Chatterjee. “The excuse was that, as a regulated industry, any flexibility to implement improvements is limited, and compliance is of paramount importance.” Chatterjee, president and CSO of Pharmatech Associates, made these […]

The challenge to stay competitive in the API industry

By the end of 2017, the worldwide demand for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is estimated to reach $92 billion, according to the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG).  Other analyst reports estimate the API manufacturing market to be worth more than $140 billion today and reach $186 billion by 2020. While details vary among analyst reports, […]

Despite solid API market growth, India and China face challenges – including around costs

Companies have chosen India as a sourcing destination for many years due to India’s lower cost structure for manufacturing, labor, materials and equipment. India possesses a large talent pool of chemical engineers and scientists and a large manufacturing capacity focused on regulated markets.  China also has a talented pool of scientists and engineers, a low […]

Bolstering domestic industry is key pharma focus in Russia

  The main driving force behind investment into Russia is the Pharma 2020 plan, introduced in 2009. The state-run plan contains goals of producing 90% of vital medicines within Russia to become less dependent on imported medicine. The Russian government has also prioritized the need for the domestic production of fine chemicals. Another key measure […]

Trademarking provides surprise boost to global economies

We’re all well aware of just how important it is for businesses to protect their trademarks and intellectual property. What’s much more surprising, however, is just how much of a positive impact the industry is having on economies on a much wider scale. According to a study titled ‘Trademarks in Latin America’ recently published by […]