Clarivate Analytics Celebrates Women’s Day Kenya!

The 8th March marks the Kenyan National Women’s Day, coinciding with International Woman’s Day. This global observance aims to celebrate the phenomenal power of women, praising their social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

As UNESCO reported in 2012, “In Kenya, the women’s literacy rate has significantly increased as a result of positive government policies and strategies. However, despite progress in education as a whole, gender disparity remains a challenge as 16% of women in Kenya still lack basic literacy skills, compared with 9% of men.”

With this year’s international theme, “Be Bold for Change” (, it is vitally important to raise awareness and to celebrate those women who are rising against the odds in the difficult socio-economic environments they find themselves in.

We at Clarivate Analytics are celebrating all women and especially those being “Bold for Change,”surging forward and making a difference in their fields of academia, scientific research and innovation!

In line with this we wish to celebrate the top 10 most-cited women researchers in Kenya, based on papers published and cited since 1980. (Incites : Clarivate Analytics,  2017).

The table below highlights the most-cited women researchers affiliated with Kenya-based institutions:


The future is yours: Happy Women’s Day Kenya!


This blog post was co-authored with Joy Owango, Customer Education Specialist & Account Manager East & West Africa



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