Celebrating Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate the beautiful planet we live on. The theme for this year centers around environmental and climate literacy, with the aim to increase awareness and understanding of climate change and its threat to our planet.

Earth Day might be the perfect day to bring attention to the work of climate science researchers but it’s only the beginning. Every day, researchers around the world are making a difference toward advancing our understanding of climate change and its impact on the Earth and on important aspects of our lives.

Like Highly Cited Researcher Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen, who is studying greenhouse gas removal technologies and how they can help us reach the aspirational target of the Paris Agreement to reach a global temperature of 1.5°C.

Or Professor Sir Andy Haines of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who is using systematic review to understand how climate change impacts nutrition by altering the quantity and quality of crops that are growing around the world.

And a team based at the University of Melbourne, who are using Web of Science data to examine climate-change research from the perspective of management studies, endeavoring to clarify the communicative and evaluative dynamics by which research spreads and diffuses across different disciplines.

And the list goes on. Check back as we recognize these researchers, and more over the coming months and all they are doing to make sure make sure we are able to celebrate Earth Day for generations to come.