Advancing a sustainable world: Spotlight on Marilyn Johnson

Sustainability is at the forefront of how we do business at Clarivate.

For us, ‘sustainability’ means that every action we take, no matter how seemingly small, can serve to improve, protect and nurture our world. It’s a belief and a way of working that drives our commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethics, protecting our planet, empowering our colleagues to thrive and building collaborative global communities.

“Sustainability is much like being healthy,” says Marilyn Johnson, Global Sustainability Senior Director at Clarivate. “You are never done in its pursuit. It becomes core to who you are and how you choose to exist, every day – always looking to do better.”

Johnson is an enthusiastic change agent focused on advancing a sustainable world. Before joining Clarivate in 2020, she enjoyed a 20-year career working with global organizations to help them advance and evolve sustainable business practices and build cultures of sustainability.

She also has substantial volunteerism experience including focusing on the sustainability of international operations for companies with a global reach.


Global recognition

This breadth and depth of global experience, skills development and knowledge sharing in sustainability initiatives over a long period is a key factor in Marilyn being selected as one of the 500 Global Sustainability Thought Leaders in the American Energy Society’s report supported by Honeywell.

During a two-year period, the American Energy Society asked thousands of sustainability thought leaders across the globe “Who are the sustainability experts that have influenced you most?” From those responses, the Society compiled the results into a single dataset, narrowing the total to the 500 most admired.

Published on November 1, 2021, the report was made available to all participants of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.

The study values actions over words, elevating authentic thought leaders and sharing key insights. These include showing women as leaders. On a relative scale, 47% of people in the dataset identify as female, demonstrating the great impact that women have on sustainability initiatives.

“I am honored to be included in this amazing group of sustainability thought leaders, committed to helping drive a sustainable, equitable, resilient, and restorative future,” Marilyn said. “Congratulations to all and thank you to the American Energy Society and Honeywell.”


Sustainable progress

Our commitment to sustainability is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a universal blueprint for collective actions we can take to address the most pressing issues we face as a global community.

The first annual Clarivate sustainability report was published in early 2021. It sets out our goals and assessed the state of sustainability at Clarivate in 2020, measuring our progress against key global sustainability standards.

The second annual report is in preparation now and will be published in early 2022. It will build on the successes already achieved – and improvements identified – globally and locally.

Declares Marilyn, “Sustainability is not something that we do. It’s everything we do.”

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