With a refreshed approach, Top 100 Global Innovators switches to a new model of excellence calculation, focused on above the bar consistency and scale in innovativeness, where all ideas compete equally.

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The Top 100 Global Innovators 2022 list is based on a twin track approach to evaluation.

All applicants

published inventions

granted inventions

Qualifying Long list


International innovator weighting factor

Track 1:

Qualifying as global

We identify innovating organizations that pass qualification criteria based on volume of inventive activity:

  • 500 published inventions since 2000
  • 100 granted inventions in the 2022 5-year evaluation window

We then compare innovators based on the proportion and level of international inventions (ideas patented in more than one country or region), creating an international innovator weighting factor.

Track 2:

Baselining each idea

We evaluate all inventions in the Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI™), and score them on four factors:

  • Influence
    The downstream influence on other innovators of each patented idea, compiled by patent examiners, and normalized for variation by technology sector and differences that occur by geography or language.
  • Success
    The proportion of the world economy that each patented idea has covered by a granted, issued patent right, providing a basis from which the rights’ owner can use their technology.
  • Globalization
    The dedication to each patented idea, measured by the level of international patent filing committed to by the applicant. The greater the level of geographic breadth attempted, the higher the investment level the idea had lavished upon it.
  • Technical distinctiveness
    The rarity of the combination of technical features and use cases presented within the patented idea, and therefore the level of technical extension the invention supports.

All patented ideas

inventions compared on these factors





Derwent Strength Index


International innovator weighting factor


Derwent Strength Index


Global Innovator Score
(Median DSI x International innovator weighting factor)

Combining ideas with organizations

Each invention returns a Derwent Strength Index™ based on these four factors, compared directly to all other patented ideas.

Innovators are ranked based on the Derwent Strength Index of the invention in the middle of their activity over the last five years (the median average, the value separating the top performing half of their inventions from the bottom half), weighted by the global innovator factor.

Discover innovation assessment

To discover more about the methodology behind the Top 100, download this year’s full report.

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Data behind innovation measurement

Innovators the world over need techniques and data that enable inventions to be benchmarked against comparables and formulated to tell real stories, that accurately narrate the ecosystem and its influences.

Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI™)
A database built around ideas, DWPI records where and when inventions are patented across 60 patent-issuing states and authorities.

DWPI rewrites these patents into English-language invention summaries and categorizes their intended use, why they are needed and what is novel about them – 3.5 million times a year.

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Derwent Patents Citation Index™
A sister database to DWPI, the Derwent Patents Citation Index focuses on inventions that have been referenced by applicants and patent examiners in later, downstream patent applications.

Emulating the DWPI invention-level structure, Derwent Patents Citation Index automatically removes double, triple (or more) counting of citation events between the same patented ideas.

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