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Creating the Top 100

Innovation and patent activity are related, but not quite the same.

One is a process, the other one of many potential outcomes of that process. However, a sophisticated view of patent information – going beyond simply counting them – provides a measure of the ideation culture that produced those patents.

This is how we do that…

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To create an initial shortlist, we set a volume threshold that Top 100 candidates must meet.

This is set at 100 granted patents received in the past five years, and more than 500 in the Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI™) in total, over any time period.

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We assess the level of influence the ideas patented by each candidate have on the ideas of others, by reviewing the number of external citations their inventions have received in the past five years.

These are references made to their patents during the application and examination process from patents that are registered later by someone else.

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We look at how successful each candidate is at getting their applications for patent protection issued by the patent offices of the world.

Using the same five-year window, we review the proportion of granted patents to patent applications.

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We measure the investment levels of each candidate in their patent applications, a metric designed to assess both the importance of invention to the companies as well as the footprint of commercialization.

Aimed at a set of jurisdictions that speak to significant cost – the United States, Europe, Japan and Mainland China – we assess the proportion of each candidate’s activity that was filed in all four.

Using these four thresholds, we rank and collate the thousands of candidates down to the Top 100 Global Innovators.

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