Ideas to Innovation - Season Two

The future of research integrity

About this episode

Today, with so much information available online, verification of information – who created it and who shared it – has become part of standard operating procedures in many enterprises to create a climate of trust surrounding information that can be used and acted upon. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of scientific research and reporting.

In this episode, Nandita Quaderi, editor-in-chief for the Web of Science™ at Clarivate, shares her views on the topic of research integrity. She describes the importance of conducting and presenting research in a way that allows others to have trust and confidence in the methods used. And she warns of the dangers that occur in instances when the scholarly record cannot be trusted.


Nandita Quaderi
Editor-in-Chief & Editorial Vice President of the Web of Science

Dr Nandita Quaderi is Editor-in-Chief & Editorial Vice President of the Web of Science with responsibility for the editorial strategy, policies and practices governing selection for the Web of Science and inclusion in Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Before joining Clarivate in 2018, Nandita was Publishing Director, Open Research at Springer Nature with responsibility for the open access Nature Portfolio journals and before that, Editorial Director at BMC. Prior to this, Nandita was a PI at the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at Kings College London. Nandita has a BA in Chemistry from U. Oxford and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Imperial College. Speaker signature and title : Dr Nandita Quaderi, Editor-in-Chief & VP Editorial, Web of Science

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