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Innovating Tomorrow: Unveiling 2023’s Triumphs from Ideas to Reality

Ideas to Innovation - Season Three

Episode description

Over the past year, the Ideas to Innovation podcast from Clarivate took listeners on a special journey through a world where curiosity meets ingenuity. In each of 15 episodes published in 2023, we told stories of people thinking forward in the real world, highlighting those who not only dared to dream but also transformed their dreams into reality. Our conversations with experts weren’t just talks; they were narratives of change, powerful examples of how fresh insights are solving some of the world’s most complex challenges.

For this “Best of 2023” episode, we showcase three compelling stories, each of which serves a testament to the spirit of innovation. You’ll first hear from an associate professor who is known as a ‘scientific sleuth’ for his uncanny ability to identify falsified data in published academic research. Next, two guests share their stories about a rare hereditary disease, its devastating impacts and the role and work of scientific research in finding answers. In our final segment, an accomplished scientist, engineer, and innovator with 77 patents to her name talks about her work in breaking down complex problems, her most surprising discovery, and finding solutions that stick. We hope you enjoy this recap and continue joining us as we traverse a landscape rich in creativity and innovation, meeting extraordinary minds and witnessing their groundbreaking work in real time.