Clarivate Analytics, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Higher Education Press of China release annual joint report to identify 100+ Engineering Fronts

Highlighting 93 engineering research areas and 94 engineering development specialties in nine fields

London, UK and Beijing, China, December 10, 2019Clarivate Analytics plc (NYSE: CCC; CCC.WS), a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Higher Education Press of China today released their joint report “Engineering Fronts 2019” to identify the hottest areas in engineering research and development. This is the third annual collaborative report between the three organizations, launched at today’s joint forum held at the Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing.

The 2019 report identifies 93 global engineering research fronts and 94 engineering development fronts spanning nine fields of research, aligned with the nine academic divisions under the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The nine fields include mechanical and vehicle engineering; information and electronic engineering; chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering; energy and mining engineering; civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering; environmental and light textile engineering; agriculture; medicine and health; and engineering management.

In the report a front is defined as a main direction which should be followed for the development of future engineering technology. The engineering research fronts are identified based on citation data from the Web of Science Core Collection as well as nomination by experts. The engineering development fronts are identified based on the global patent information found in the Derwent Innovation database, as well as nomination by experts or patent analysis by patent industry peers.

“We are honored to again collaborate with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Higher Education Press of China to issue our third Engineering Fronts report, which provides strategic guidelines for the future development of global engineering science and technology,” said Mukhtar Ahmed, President of Science Group, Clarivate Analytics. “Our vision at Clarivate is to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation. We are committed to continuing to strengthen our collaboration with China’s academia, research and development network and policy makers to accelerate the pace of research.”

Professor Wang Chen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said: “By utilizing our advanced knowledge in multi-discipline and cross-field research, the Chinese Academy of Engineering tasked our academicians and experts to forecast the global engineering research and development fronts. We aim to bolster the development of engineering science and industrial innovation and provide actionable references to enable researchers to better respond to our global challenges and to achieve sustainable positive development for humankind.”

28 noteworthy key engineering research fronts are:

Key engineering research fronts  Field 
Intelligent manufacturing based on the IIoT  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
High-energy density solid-state lithium batteries  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
Drag/heat reduction in supersonic flow  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
Brain-inspired intelligence  Information and electronic engineering 
Space-terrestrial integrated network  Information and electronic engineering 
Brain imaging technologies  Information and electronic engineering 
Renewable energy systems  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
High-temperature alloy  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
Material life cycle engineering  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
Multivariate and high-density energy storage methods coupled with renewable energy  Energy and mining engineering 
Research on damage mechanism and verification of advanced nuclear fuel and related materials  Energy and mining engineering 
AI applied to reservoir prediction mechanisms  Energy and mining engineering 
Concepts of safe, highly efficient, and intelligent extraction of coal, oil and gas  Energy and mining engineering 
Mechanism and control of long-term performance evolution of structures  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Green building design method based on the whole life cycle  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Nano-modification and fiber-reinforcement of cement-based materials  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Application of nano-composite materials in wastewater treatment  Environmental and light textile engineering 
Climate change and the ecological environment  Environmental and light textile engineering 
Preparation and application of highly efficient oil-water separation materials  Environmental and light textile engineering 
CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in agricultural organisms  Agriculture 
Mechanisms, prevention, and control of animal epidemics  Agriculture 
Genomic selection breeding of crops  Agriculture 
AI in biomedicine  Medicine and health 
Gut microbiota and immune homeostasis  Medicine and health 
Neural computation and brain-inspired intelligence in the brain sciences  Medicine and health 
Research on sustainable development in the Industry 4.0 era  Engineering management 
Construction management driven by machine vision  Engineering management 
Resilience of the infrastructure systems  Engineering management 


28 noteworthy key engineering development fronts are: 

Key engineering development fronts  Field  
Propulsion systems for near-space hypersonic vehicles  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
Human-computer interaction systems based on deep learning  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
3D bio-printing technology  Mechanical and vehicle engineering 
Millimeter-wave ultra-high throughput technology  Information and electronic engineering 
Ultraprecision instrument technology and intelligence  Information and electronic engineering 
Systems and technologies for analysis and identification of images and videos  Information and electronic engineering 
Combination of AI with chemical engineering  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
Biomass substitution of polymer materials  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
Military refractory metal material  Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering 
Advanced technologies for EV/HEV and power batteries  Energy and mining engineering 
Nuclear high-temperature hydrogen production and helium turbine power generation technology  Energy and mining engineering 
Fracture shape processing method and system based on micro-seismic monitoring  Energy and mining engineering 
Technologies for safe, intelligent, and precise mining of coal  Energy and mining engineering 
Technology for the reinforcement, repair, and retrofitting of existing structures  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Comprehensive transportation planning and intelligent safety management of urban agglomeration  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Technology for monitoring and rehabilitation of eco-water environments in rivers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater  Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering 
Multi-technology coordinated soil pollution remediation  Environmental and light textile engineering 
Efficient and comprehensive utilization of ocean energy technology  Environmental and light textile engineering 
Rapid and accurate detection of food-borne pathogenic microorganisms  Environmental and light textile engineering 
Sustainable plant protection technologies  Agriculture 
Gene editing techniques for agricultural organisms  Agriculture 
Prevention and remediation of heavy metal pollution in soil  Agriculture 
Tumor immunotherapy technology  Medicine and health 
Intelligence assisted diagnosis technology  Medicine and health 
Genome editing  Medicine and health 
Visualization technology oriented to engineering management  Engineering management 
Warning technologies and methods oriented to engineering safety  Engineering management 
IoT technology development oriented to engineering management  Engineering management 

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