Supply Chain Sustainability at Clarivate

Clarivate is excited to announce that we are entering a new chapter in our sustainability journey.  Please click here to read a very important message from Pete Frein, VP Procure to Pay: An Important Letter to our Suppliers

Clarivate’s Supply Chain Code of Conduct

In alignment with the expectations of our executive management team, customers and other stakeholders to manage our business in a responsible manner, we have launched a supply chain sustainability initiative to monitor environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) performance in our supply chain.  On a moving forward basis, all Clarivate suppliers are required to agree to our Supply Chain Code of Conduct (the “Code”) which is included in Clarivate’s standard agreements and our PO Terms and Conditions.  If we use your agreement, then it is required that we include Clarivate’s Supply Chain Code of Conduct in that agreement.  Note: The Supply Chain Code of Conduct is Clarivate’s policy and cannot be modified.

CSR Partnership with EcoVadis

To make this initiative as efficient as possible for both of us, we have selected the EcoVadis Supply Chain Sustainability monitoring platform. EcoVadis combines sustainability expertise and online tools that will save you time and resources on reporting environmental, social, and governance metrics in the years to come.

The benefits of becoming a rated supplier on the EcoVadis platform:

  • Understanding your company’s sustainability performance with an EcoVadis scorecard through a confidential and efficient questionnaire and expert analysis
  • Increasing transparency, standardized reporting, and significantly reducing your overall sustainability workload
  • Comparing your company’s sustainability performance against industry and regional benchmarks for improved competitive advantage
  • Sharing your company’s sustainability performance with tools such as the EcoVadis Scorecard, EcoVadis Rating Certificate, EcoVadis Medal, Sustainability Assessment Report, and Sustainability Highlights
  • Tools for benchmarking and continuous improvement in your sustainability practices, to engage new customers and increase revenue
  • Mitigate risks within your Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) programs

Participation in this program and your performance results will be integrated into Clarivate’s sourcing process. To inquire, sign up or login to the EcoVadis platform, please click here: Clarivate-EcoVadis Portal. Once you sign up on the EcoVadis platform, you will receive an invitation email from EcoVadis to begin this process, and they will be available for support throughout the process, with clarity on timelines and expectations.  This 5-minute video is an informative introduction to the EcoVadis platform and process.

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For any inquiries related to the Supply Chain Code of Conduct or supply chain sustainability at Clarivate, please visit our Supplier Support website Supplier support – Clarivate or contact the Sourcing team at

For any inquiries related to EcoVadis, please visit: EcoVadis

For any inquiries related to the Sustainability Program at Clarivate, please visit our Sustainability website or email