The Clarivate story continues

Did you know that the name Clarivate is derived from the three words clarity, activate and innovate? That’s because we give our customers the clarity they need in order to activate a lifecycle of innovation.

Innovation doesn’t just happen – it’s a process. Every invention we use, product we buy and service we consume has been imagined, created and improved. It happens in a continuous, connected cycle where ideas and products are discovered, protected and commercialized. This is the lifecycle of innovation.


At the heart of the lifecycle of innovation

We operate at the heart of that lifecycle where discovery, protection and commercialization intersect. This intersection forms a unique lens on innovation – the lens of clarity. The crisp and sharp insights needed to turn bold ideas into life-changing innovations.

This lens shape forms our logo and reflects the ability we give customers to see clearly and accurately so they can solve some of the world’s most complex problems to fuel economic growth and improve the future for all of us. Those problems include, for example, improving water quality, predicting cancer risks and analyzing the bioplastics landscape as a potential solution for a more sustainable future.

To find out more about why we chose the green, purple and black colors in our Lens logo watch this short animation:


From inspiration to innovation

To us, a moment of inspiration can become an idea, then a research paper, then an innovation, then a brand, then a world saving solution.

Starting with the Web of Science, where researchers can access millions of research papers and track ideas, helping their ideas develop, grow and spread across the research community. Bringing insights from solutions such as Cortellis or DRG to confirm that the ideas are sound and have a market, then turning it into an innovation that needs to be protected through Derwent. After that CompuMark, MarkMonitor and Darts-ip help turn the innovation into a brand that could eventually benefit millions of people.


Dropping Analytics from our name

In 2016 when we became an independent company, we introduced ourselves as Clarivate Analytics. Today we have dropped Analytics from our name because our company – and our future – stands for so much more.

We don’t just provide analytics products, we provide trusted information and insights solutions that organizations, researchers, publishers and governments worldwide rely on to make informed decisions about which innovations to bring to market and how to do so in the smartest way possible.

We believe human ingenuity can transform the world through innovation. We help to capture that ingenuity and turn it into reality. To do so successfully demands deep domain expertise – going far beyond traditional analytics and intelligence solutions.


Our past

Our story truly began about 155 years ago, with the foundation of the world’s oldest continuing database of animal biology, the Zoological Record.

Over the years we have evolved, adding a broad range of trusted insights, analytics and information to meet customer needs. We have invested in cutting edge technology, curated our content and earned a global reputation built on trust. Throughout our history, we have always championed the work of industry pioneers – both customers and colleagues.

Our investment in innovation is exemplified by the trailblazing work of our brand founders. In the 1950s, Dr. Eugene Garfield’s invention of citation indexing, and the subsequent creation of the Web of Science changed how scientists find and assess scholarly literature. When Monty Hyams invented the first patent information retrieval service in 1963 using magnetic tape and punch cards, he launched the first element of Derwent — today a comprehensive world leading database of enhanced patent information.


Our future

Our mission is unwavering – to help customers accelerate the pace of innovation. Today and moving forward, we do that by providing information and insights. This means we offer subscription and technology-based solutions, primarily in the cloud to ensure ease of access, alongside deep domain expertise.


“Our mission is unwavering – to help customers accelerate the pace of innovation.”


The insights we provide fuel innovation in science and intellectual property. This includes scientific and academic research, pharmaceutical research, biotech and healthcare intelligence, regulatory standards and information services for patents, trademarks and domains.

At every point in the innovation lifecycle, we are finding new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure they have access to the best, most reliable insights available anywhere.

Our strategy includes both a continuous cycle of product improvements as well as making strategic acquisitions of complementary companies and solutions that widen our reach. We look for organizations that are built on amazing people with deep industry, subject matter and technical expertise. Over the past few years, we have acquired companies such as Kopernio (now EndNote Click), TrademarkVision, SequenceBase, Darts-ip and DRG – all leaders within their fields.

Our promise is to help our customers make smarter, faster evidence-based decisions to discover, protect and commercialize their innovations.

We are Clarivate.

We accelerate innovation.

Through the power of human ingenuity.