New Hot Paper in Clinical Medicine Reveals New Treatment for Ischemic Stroke

In our most recent New Hot Papers analysis, the paper achieving the highest cite count among Clinical Medicine papers published in the past two years in Essential Science Indicators was “Randomized assessment of rapid endovascular treatment of ischemic stroke” (N. Engl. J. Med372[11]: 1019-30, 12 March 2015). Currently, this paper has 502 citations in the Web of Science from Clarivate Analytics.

 Below, Dr. Michael Hill, the corresponding author on this paper, discusses the work and its implications for the field of Clinical Medicine.


Why do you think your paper is highly cited?

The study showed a large effect size in an important disease, ischemic stroke.

Does it describe a new discovery, methodology, or synthesis of knowledge?

It proves a new discovery in treatment.

Would you summarize the significance of your paper in layman’s terms?

The 20% of ischemic strokes that are major/large can be treated with dramatic benefit if patients are offered treatment quickly and efficiently, and patients are selected by imaging.

How did you become involved in this research, and how would you describe the particular challenges, setbacks, and successes that you’ve encountered along the way?

My work in stroke research is longstanding. The biggest challenge was funding and getting those to believe in us.

Where do you see your research leading in the future?

Better treatments for stroke.

Do you foresee any social or political implications for your research?

We should be able to save money on stroke treatment and care with widespread implementation of this therapy.


Michael D. Hill, MD MSc FRCPC

Calgary Stroke Program
Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Hotchkiss Brain Institute
University of Calgary
Calgary, Canada