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Point-of-use cleaning in the or: What does supply chain need to know?

Point-of-use cleaning, recommended by numerous industry organizations, is an OR process of rinsing instruments during the operation and preparing them for transportation to the decontamination area or sterile processing department after the procedure concludes. A number of industry organizations advise that all reusable instruments should be wiped—and any lumens flushed—with sterile water between uses during […]

The challenge to stay competitive in the API industry

By the end of 2017, the worldwide demand for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is estimated to reach $92 billion, according to the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG).  Other analyst reports estimate the API manufacturing market to be worth more than $140 billion today and reach $186 billion by 2020. While details vary among analyst reports, […]

DCAT Sharp Sourcing session focuses on best practices

DCAT Sharp Sourcing, a one-day conference organized by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), brought together executives representing the entire pharmaceutical value chain, ranging from raw materials to finished drug product manufacturing and packaging.

Hospital gift shops: Q&a with an industry expert

Many distinguishing factors set apart hospital gift shops from other retailers. They operate with largely volunteer staffs in sensitive environments, merchandising to a captive customer base. If managed properly, these stores can both contribute to a hospital’s healing culture and be significant sources of revenue for their organizations. To learn more, The Academy recently spoke […]

Reprocessing endoscopes: what is the true cost?

After investigations found hundreds of patients may have been exposed to antibiotic-resistant superbugs in procedures using a complex endoscope, several national standard-setting organizations updated their device reprocessing guidelines. The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses, and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation all issued new recommendations in areas including personal protective equipment (PPE), manual cleaning, visual […]