FDA approval of first-in-class Aimovig set to transform the migraine market

This article is part of an ongoing blog series profiling the12 new, game-changing drugs predicted to achieve blockbuster status by 2022 in the 2018 edition of Drugs to Watch, the annual industry forecast and analysis from Clarivate Analytics. Read the full Drugs to Watch report here or follow the series for the latest updates. Approval […]

The sodium bicarbonate shortage: Causes and tips for managing it

Currently, a staple medicine, sodium bicarbonate solution, has come in short supply, precipitated by recalls, manufacturer delays, and increased demand. Sodium bicarbonate is primarily used to rebalance the pH of patients whose blood has become too acidic. According to a recent article, “A Vital Drug Runs Low, Though its Base Ingredient is in Many Kitchens,” […]

Checkpoint inhibitors: a cutting edge in oncology

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Digital health news update: Merger mania; advertising’s existential dillema

Walgreens is expanding its telehealth deal with MDLive to cover behavioral therapy virtual visits as part of a broader mental health offering. Fortune notes that it “gives Walgreens an important touchpoint with payers, providers and patients: drug adherence.” Fitbit CEO James Park told investors and analysts that the company is looking to go deeper on […]