Supporting women in STEM: an insider’s view

Allison Kapinos from Clarivate Analytics talks about development, progression and championing women in STEM roles

Allison Kapinos joined Clarivate Analytics three and a half years ago as a sales trainer for North America. She’s since been promoted to Sales Training Manager within the global sales development team. Working with Clarivate sales teams all over the world, Allison supports staff through professional development programs, coaching and mentoring. Working with professionals across scientific, technology and intellectual property disciplines, Allison is perfectly positioned to shed light on the work Clarivate Analytics is doing in promoting women in the workplace. She is head of the newly re-launched Women at Clarivate, a global program aimed at empowering women in STEM roles.

Why Clarivate?

I’ve always worked in sales but since joining Clarivate Analytics, there is a greater sense of purpose in what I do. The products and solutions we provide add real value to lives and have an impact on the world around us. Part of what attracted me to the role was this value and, of course, how we engage with our customers. Now that’s a key part of my job, helping sales teams to make better connections.

Clarivate is an excellent place to work. Just looking at my own development, there are a lot of outside opportunities to capitalize on, something management really encourages us to do. My team are urged to attend networking events, sales training, coaching and mentoring events, which help us improve professionally and bring those views and skills into the programs we create. Internally there are also opportunities, including the manager training program which we recently rolled out.

Empowering women

I’m also a champion of the Women at Clarivate program that was re-launched earlier this year. It’s a women’s resource group that focuses on empowering women in STEM roles, connecting them with leaders in those disciplines. At the moment we have 10 chapters across the world and 75% of the women in the program are in STEM roles. While we share a common goal, each chapter organizes its own annual program and event, focusing on areas that are relevant and needed for women in that particular region, whether that is lunch and learns, networking events or a focus on professional and personal development.

While I don’t work in a STEM role myself, being part of this program is fantastic. On a daily basis I interact with host of women (and men) who are incredibility smart, creative thinkers who keep me on my toes. They challenge me every day. And it’s great that there’s been such an interest in the program, a real shift with more women joining in STEM roles, and even just reaching out to me personally to talk about the opportunities within Clarivate.

Don’t hold back

My advice to women who want to explore STEM roles is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. There are excellent roles within Clarivate and the company is committed to supporting women in those roles, whether that’s starting a career or improving or expanding your current role. Of course, if you’re already working for Clarivate, take the opportunity of joining Women at Clarivate. You will have the opportunity of meeting and engaging with people you wouldn’t normally meet; leaders in STEM, not just women, but men too, across roles and disciplines. It’s the ideal way to learn more, connect with peers, experts and leaders and be part of something bigger that can help you grow personally and professionally.

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