Email marketing optimization – Part 2

In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of email marketing optimization about mobile trends – Where are you reading this right now?


Mobile use up / Click rates down

According to a recent report from Experian in Q3 2016[1], click rates in emails are down in all industries.  And the percentage of clicks occurring on mobile devices is up. In the analysis, Experian found a strong negative correlation between these two trends – meaning that the more mobile devices are used to view emails, the lower click rates we’ll see.

If you are trying to reach and engage your audience, you’ll need to keep up with the trends by optimizing your emails for viewing across multiple devices.

The good news is that emails with responsive design result in a 15% increase (over non-responsive emails) in unique clicks for mobile users. And not only that, but responsively designed emails get more clicks (unique and total) across all devices – desktop, mobile, and tablet.[2]


Your bag of tricks

You’ll also want to have a few other tricks up your sleeve to increase engagement with your audience.

Have you considered optimizing your send times based on the contact’s past engagement behavior?

Or launching a dynamic campaign that delivers highly specific content to sub-segments of your total audience?

Through Web of Science Author Connect, we have seen clients achieve (on average) a 6% increase in click rates in emails sent with optimized send. For dynamic campaigns, it’s a drastic 28% increase in clicks.

It all comes down to focusing on your audience – what do they want to see, how do they want to see it, and when do they want to see it? If you can hone in on these three questions, you’ll see better metrics in your campaigns and build better relationships with your audience. And that’s what it’s all about.

Interested to learn how you can better engage with your audiences in your email campaigns? Get in touch with the Web of Science Author Connect team.


[1] Q3 2016 Email Benchmark Report. Experian. Available here.

[2] 2017 State of Email Report. Litmus. Available here.