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Spotlight on Citation Laureates

Ideas to Innovation - Season Two

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Through its Citation Laureates program, Clarivate recognises individuals whose research publications are highly cited and whose contributions to their fields have been extremely influential, even transformative.
This year, we named twenty world-class researchers from four countries as Citation Laureates. These are researchers whose work is deemed to be ‘of Nobel class’, as demonstrated by analysis carried out by the ISI, and who are in the running for future Nobel honours.
In this episode, you’ll hear from two of this year’s Citation Laureates who share insights into their work, how they got started, tips for young researchers, and more – Mary-Claire King, Professor of Medicine and of Genome Sciences, School of Medicine, at the University of Washington in Seattle, in the United States, recognized for demonstrating inherited susceptibility for breast and ovarian cancer and discovering the role played by mutations of the BRCA1 gene and Zhenan Bao, the K.K. Lee Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Director, Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiative (eWEAR), at Stanford University, California, recognized for the development of novel biomimetic applications of organic and polymeric electronic materials, including flexible ‘electronic skin.’