Social determinants: barriers to healthcare impacting racial and ethnic minorities

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In this episode of Conversations in Healthcare, Matthew Arnold, Principal Analyst at Clarivate speaks with Dr. Kenton Johnston, Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy at Saint Louis University about disparities in the US health system. Matthew and Ken discuss both the historical context as well as the evolution of the system since the establishment of the Affordable Care Act, and how the entire spectrum of the healthcare system can work to address social determinants of health. Learn more in the full episode.


Matthew Arnold
Principal Analyst
Dr. Kenton Johnston
Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy
Saint Louis University

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Clarivate Conversations in Healthcare is a series of candid interviews with industry leaders and experts on the key trends and challenges that are shaping the future of the healthcare industry. Topics include from clinical innovation, deal-making, market access and regulatory dynamics, data and technology, new engagement models, patient centricity, diversity, COVID-19 and much more. Subscribe for episodes here.

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