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Looking ahead to 2023: CEOs contemplate the new normal

Bioworld Insider

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We wrapped up 2022 and are preparing for 2023 on this BioWorld Insider podcast. Staff writer Lee Landenberger talked to four CEOs, visionaries of companies producing new science and drug development. The CEOs offered their insights into what happened this year and looked at the challenges and opportunities for next year.

  • Karen Zaderej, CEO of Axogen Inc., detailed a successful phase III study of its peripheral nerve repair product, Advance Nerve Graft, despite staffing challenges at hospitals.
  • Sean Bohen, CEO of Olema Oncology Inc., whose company is developing therapies to treat women’s cancers, reflected on how Olema overcame financing challenges.
  • Rob Ross, the CEO of Surface Oncology Inc., spoke about how equity funding has dried up and has forced Surface to be creative in order to keep moving forward with its antibody against IL-27 to treat non-small-cell lung cancer.
  • Rob Etherington, the CEO of Clene Nanomedicine Inc., revealed how his company will be leaning into strategic M&A and licensing opportunities to keep its multiple sclerosis candidate, which can improve function on top of standard-of-care MS drugs, moving forward.