Physician digital infographic – 3 must dos for physician engagement

DRG Digital – Manhattan Research's Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2017 study asked 2,784 U.S. physicians across 25+ specialties about their use of emerging technology, how they find information and make decisions, and what they want from pharma companies. The aim of the study is to help marketers refocus their digital efforts on what works and plan more effective multichannel campaigns.

Lead analyst Kelly Pinola comments,  "Pharma needs to dial down the promotional messaging and lead with valuable educational resources in order to regain physician trust. The good news for pharmas is that there’s an opportunity here for them to differentiate themselves as truly user-centered organizations, since this is a problem we’re seeing across the industry.”

Three key findings for marketers are highlighted in the infographic – contact us to learn more about accessing the full study results or a Physician Multichannel Playbook for your specific physician audience.

Click to enlarge infographic