Patient account management week 2020: recognizing vital contributions!

This week is National Patient Account Management Week, when organizations around the nation honor those staff who have a great influence on healthcare. On October 18, 1989, Congress proclaimed this day of recognition for the healthcare administrative teams who work tirelessly to keep healthcare operations efficient so patients and families have the best experience possible. Many times, these individuals go unrecognized by the patients, families, and communities they serve, not because they are not appreciated, but because they are not providing face-to-face care. They are the coders that ensure proper submission of claims, the patient financial representatives who monitor accounts receivables, and the follow-up staff who work to overturn denials and appeals so that the organization can continue to be financially strong. This work allows our healthcare systems to continue to provide care to those in need.

As you walk through the halls of your hospitals, clinics, physician offices, labs, and other healthcare facilities this week, please remember to thank those who keep the facilities and operations going day in and day out. Take a detour to the business office to thank those staff on the backend of the operations. They too are your healthcare providers, just performing in a different capacity.

HBI and leaders from our member community would like to recognize and thank those “who keep the lights on” for our members and our loved ones. We applaud the work and the skills that it takes to do what you do. 

Virginia Martinez, Vice President of Revenue Cycle – Franciscan Health: “Patient Accounts Week gives us the opportunity to recognize the staff and management that are responsible for the processing and management of hospital revenue and reimbursement. These staff may not have direct patient contact, but they contribute daily to the success of the facility. Without compliant billing and collection, the facilities could not continue. They are a steward of the resources and contribute to maintaining the mission and the ability to provide patient care. Congratulations to you all.” 

Michael Womack, Director PFS, Hospital Billing – Lexington Medical Center: “I can’t express enough appreciation for our leadership teams and staff for the thoughts and efforts over this past year, specifically Calendar Year 2020. The processes implemented over time and consistent efforts followed by results within the revenue cycle affords our providers to do what they do best which is to provide healthcare to the community. Thank you for your daily efforts that contribute to so many bigger initiatives.”

Tina Williams, Principal: “Our back-office professionals have had an extraordinary year with the challenges faced during the pandemic. Many of you are working remote and dealing with all the challenges that brings, while some continue to go into the office and deal with the uncertainty that comes from being around others. I am privileged to work with you and your leaders as part of my job. I want to say THANK YOU for what you do and acknowledge the skills and patience it takes to deliver the services you provide.”

Kelsey Stockton, Provider Engagement Specialist: “Thank you to all the Patient Account workers! During this challenging and unusual year, your adaptability and commitment make all the difference. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we appreciate all that you do.”

Sarah Williams, Principal Director: “Thank you, patient account management team members! This year has not been an easy one—we know you’re dealing with both personal and professional challenges. From shifting to work-from-home, to keeping up with frequent adjustments to coverage and billing requirements, change has been a constant in 2020. But the work you do—to make sure claims are billed accurately, denials are resolved, and patient collections are handled compassionately—makes a meaningful impact on patients’ healthcare experience. We appreciate everything you do!”

Enrique Bakemeyer, Executive Director: “The work of patient account management teams is essential for healthcare organizations, enabling providers to serve their communities. Without you, patients wouldn’t be able to get the care they need. Although 2020 has been a difficult year, you have risen to the challenge and provided great customer service. Thanks for your great work!”

Brad Cording, Vice President: “I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate all Patient Account professionals. We are privileged to serve and work alongside hundreds of patient account teams across the country. The dedication you have to your organization, patients, and community, especially during a year of a global pandemic, is commendable. On a daily basis you navigate complex, and often stressful, processes that are critical to the patient experience and financial success of the organization. You play a vital role in the care continuum and all of us here at HBI recognize your importance. Thank you for all your service.”