Life at Clarivate: celebrating talent and achievements

Philadelphia-based Boaz Levin, Strategic Account Manager, Clarivate, shares the inspirational story of his trailblazing rise inside the organization

Born in Israel to Russian parents, Boaz Levin was 15 years old and barely spoke English when his family immigrated to the United States to start a new life. Now, 15 years later, Boaz has recently been promoted to Strategic Account Manager at Clarivate, after joining the company as an intern in business intelligence & analytics in 2014. Boaz’s trailblazing rise inside the company has seen his career develop from intern to various account management roles with EndNote™ and the Web of Science™, before taking on his current position. Boaz credits his early life experience for equipping him with the drive and determination that has propelled him to career success. In this blog, he shares details of his career journey, provides advice to new starters and explains why he loves working at Clarivate.


Success is a journey

Looking back at my childhood in Israel, my family always wanted to be a part of the American dream, like so many others. I’m truly thankful for what they did so we could start a new life here in the United States. I’ve no doubt the formative experience of this early move gave me the ability to propel myself forward in my career. It was certainly the primary influence on my desire to become somebody who would help to make a difference to the world.

My career path has been challenging at times, and I’ve had to learn and adapt to each new situation. After attending high school in Princeton, New Jersey and taking a business degree at Drexel University, I underwent more than 50 interviews for various positions against intense competition. I always remained positive and was fortunate to get a six-month internship which led to being hired to work in business intelligence and analytics.

From the start I was tasked with developing new projects and sharing ideas which really worked out well. Since then I have gone through several transitions at Clarivate, recently shifting to a more strategic role helping our account executives, and the whole experience has been phenomenal.


Sharing what I’ve learned

During my time at Clarivate I have learned so much from my colleagues that has been invaluable in my career progression. Knowing what I know now, I would advise colleagues in the early stages of their careers here to look at the organization holistically and remember that although you may be in the early stages of your career, remember that you are absolutely essential to the achievements of the team. My three key tips to success are:

  • Always be accountable for your actions – think about how they will affect our customers and our business.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up but be cohesive in your message. If you hear of a trend that customers are talking about, share it with the team.
  • Remember to always consider the final outcome – through our work supporting drug research and development, Clarivate solutions helps to bring life-changing innovations to market that may even save lives. For me this has always been a huge motivation.


Why I love working at Clarivate

What stands out for me about Clarivate above other businesses is its continued mission to value every voice inside the organization. A lot of fantastic work has been done to create an environment that feels like a big family in which everyone’s opinion is listened to and acted upon. This applies not just to those in leadership roles, but all the way across the board. Clarivate has truly managed to create a level playing field. I feel lucky to have had an incredible career in a global company that really makes a difference to people’s lives, and where everyone shares the common goal of making the world a better place.


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